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Clay Community Center

The Clay RCDC building has a new owner.

Members of the Itawamba County School District (ICSD) board accepted a $65,000 bid for Clay Community Center during their May 4 regular meeting. Allison Wallace, owner of 3G Properties, was the only bid submitted for the building.

Wallace told school board members her plan is to make improvements to the building, which currently houses Christian television station, Unity Broadcasting, while maintaining its spirit and historic relevance.

“My plans are for the building to continue to be used by the community,” Wallace told board members just before their vote. “I want to co-exist with the people of the community and improve the building.”

After a round of questions from school board attorney Michele Floyd, Wallace said she understood the financial obligation she was taking on with the purchase of the building.

“I have purchased the 100-year-old home next door to the building and I’m currently remodeling it,” she told the board. “I have honorable intentions and will be very considerate and not disrupt anything that may be taking place at the building.”

Wallace continued by saying the building would remain a voting precinct, community center and keep public use of the walking track. She would also honor the sublease agreement signed between Clay RCDC and Unity Broadcasting. The building has housed the television station since 1987.

In December 2019, Daron Pitts and his wife, Tabitha, who serves as Chief Operations Officer, signed a five-year sublease agreement with Clay RCDC representative Carolyn Spencer for use of the building.

Melba Pettigrew, who has been broadcasting a religious segment on Unity’s station for the last 26 years, also appeared before the board requesting that a stipulation be added to the new deed.

“I would like it stated that if the new owners don’t do what they say, the school gets the building back,” Pettigrew said. “I feel good about Miss Wallace, but often people have good ideas and don’t follow through.”

The board voted 4-0 for the sale of the building without any stipulations. Fifth District board representative Tony Wallace abstained from the vote. Allison Wallace is his niece.

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