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As most of you may have heard, Fulton’s Brian Dozier just signed a contract extension with the Minnesota Twins worth $20 million over the next four years.

I’ve heard a lot of people come up to me and say, “BD just got PAID, didn’t he?”

Well yeah, he did. But he’s still underpaid, considering his performance last season.

Dozier is easily the best all-around player on Minnesota’s roster. It’s not because he’s from my hometown, it’s not because he’s a genuinely good guy, and it’s not because I know him.

Bias has absolutely nothing to do with it, and the proof’s in the pudding.

Dozier led the Twins in eight major offensive statistical categories, finished second in another and fourth in another.

He led the Twins in games played (156), at-bats (598), hits (145), total bases (249), walks (89), and stolen bases (21).

Oh yeah ... he scored 112 runs on the season, which was second in the MLB to only Mike Trout of the Angels, who scored 115.

Oh yeah ... he also led the Twins in home runs with 23, and represented the club in the home run derby during the all-star break, which was hosted by Minnesota’s Target Field.

He was second on the squad in RBI with 71, and achieved that despite batting in the leadoff spot. Dozier also added 33 doubles, which was fourth on the team, and compiled a very respectable .242 batting average.

Pair all of these numbers with the fact that Dozier is arguably the most well-liked player on the Twins’ roster in the clubhouse and by the hometown fans in Minneapolis, and it’s hard to believe that the guy was just the 12th-highest paid player on the team coming into the 2015 season.

Even after signing the fresh extension a few weeks ago, Dozier is still only the seventh-highest paid player on the team.

When a guy is leading your club in so many categories, I think he should be paid accordingly.

I heard that he signed a new deal, and I thought, “man, that’s a lot of money ... but it really isn’t enough, based on his contributions.”

Let me put it this way: If Joe Mauer is worth $23 million a year to the Twins (he isn’t), then Brian Dozier is worth at least $20 million a year.

Hopefully BD will continue to play at a high level for the next four years and sign a deal for his true worth when this contract is up because, while $5 million per year is a good sum, it still isn’t enough for your best player.

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