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The second Sunday was Senior Day at our church, a day when those from our congregation who are graduating high school are presented Bibles and special prayers are said for them. Following the worship service, family and friends head to the fellowship hall for refreshments and to see the lovely tables set up to honor each graduate.

I have lived that day over and over again in my mind. You see, one of the graduates from our congregation is our granddaughter, Anna. It all seems like a dream, but the cap and gown are hanging in her room and thoughtful friends and family members have made every day seem like Christmas and birthday rolled into one for the past several days. It surely must be real. All that is left to do is for her to go to graduation practice on Thursday morning and then back for the “real deal” that night. Following the graduation ceremony, friends are hosting a reception for Anna. It is an exciting time.

It is also a reflective time, and a time for remembering those who have been such a guiding light for Anna as she grew. Those who have stood beside her in good times and bad, applauded her in her accomplishments, and helped to guide her when guidance was needed will never be forgotten. After all, that is what adults who are in charge of guiding young people are supposed to do. I would like to mention every person who has been such an encourager and who has, by example, helped her. I know better than to try to mention them all. There have been so many, I would leave someone out.

As in the life of every young person, there have been a couple of people who have been everything but a guiding light. However, the many thoughtful, caring, guiding adults so far outweigh the one or two who have been the opposite. Consider them lessons in life – and we all have had those types of lessons. We need those lessons, hard as they are.

The past few weeks have held many happy times, including the class trip to New York. Each day, Anna and I talk about that wonderful trip and how much it was enjoyed. The trip was not only Anna’s first trip to New York, but her first time to fly as well. She enjoyed the sights and sounds of the big city as well as the flight.

On Senior Day, Anna and the other graduates were beaming as they stood by their tables and greeted members of their church family. I savor every moment of these happy memories. It would be wonderful if her PaPaw Ruble could be here, but he has the best view of all as he watches from above. With him is my sweet mama and both are so very proud. Anna brought so much joy to both of them, as did her brother. Both Anna and Kennedy have been such blessings in our lives that I find it hard to put into words. While appropriate words fail me, they did not fail the one who penned the song, “Thank God For Kids.” That song says it all and sums up my feelings exactly.

If they put their trust in God and know that He is The One who will never fail us, bright futures await all our seniors. That is the thought I want Anna to carry with her, always. She will also carry my love with her, always. How blessed I am to be her “GranVale.”

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