The Times is seeking information about various games from throughout the Itawamba Agricultural High School football team’s history to help compile a complete record of the team’s history.

While compiling a complete record of the Itawamba Agricultural High School football team’s records, the score, and sometimes opponent, are missing and couldn’t be found.

The following is a list of the games with missing information, which can include scores, records and, occasionally, opponents. If a reader knows the results of one or more of these games, please email them to or message her on Facebook.

The Times is missing information on the seasons spanning 1921-1926 and 1931-1932. It’s known that games were played during each of these seasons, but no opponents or scores have been recorded.

The Times would also like to know if local ball teams played during World War II. A 1944 schedule has been found, but 1932 and 1943 are missing if they played.

Individual games with missing scores include:

  • 1930 vs. Alcorn County/Kossuth
  • 1938 vs. Vardaman
  • 1938 vs. Booneville
  • 1939- Saltillo, Ripley/South Tippah, Okolona, Baldwyn, Cherokee (Alabama), Vardaman and Kossuth.
  • 1940 vs. Okolona
  • 1941 vs. Jeff Davis
  • 1944 vs. Aberdeen
  • 1949 vs. Amory
  • 1957 vs. Bruce
  • 1961 vs. Baldwyn

News coverage of local football following World War II is generally consistent and made finding the scores easier. Results of games held prior to World War II, however, are intermittent at best, and the Times has had to compile information from various sources.

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