ZUMA is an 2-year-old female domestic longhair cat. She’s a mixture of white, brown and black with loads of personality. Zuma would love a forever home. Her adoption number is 122606M.

In the 1960s and early 1970s of my youth, there wasn’t a lot of dining out in my family. Most special occasions were hosted by my grandmother in her dining room. On the rare instance our family dined out, my favorite restaurant was a place called Captain John’s.

Mom hated my rebellious T-shirts, especially the one that said, “Eat dessert first!” In our conservative family, the mindset of indulging in a sweet pleasurable reward before the main meal was almost blasphemous. Mom’s rule was: “Don’t eat your dessert first or you’ll ruin your dinner!” Food…

When game day arrives and your crowd is ready to crank up the heat, turning to appetizers and dishes that feed the whole group can help save the season. You can defend against overly complicated recipes with long cook times by instead opting for finger foods and handheld snacks that allow fo…

There are many ways to sum up a person’s personality and character. Attaching labels to them is a shortcut, but probably the most frequently used. I am called a restaurateur, columnist, author, tour leader, and a few other choice – and sometimes unsavory – things. But of all of the titles or…

Don and Joyce Hight of Tupelo will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020, with a reception hosted by family. The Hights were married Jan. 9, 1960, in Medoc, Missouri.

This is the last (for a while, anyway) of three columns in which I take on the absurd notion that punishing children for bad behavior is bad parenting. There is commonsense and there is nonsense and the absurd notion in question belongs squarely in the latter category.

TORI is an 18-month-old spayed female shorthair cat. She’s blue and gray with mesmerizing green eyes. Tori would love a forever home. Her adoption number is 112401M.

We have a rather dull way of identifying our years. We assign them numbers. This is year number 2020. The Chinese not only assign numbers to the years, but they give the years names that will characterize them. For instance, the year may be the year of the tiger or the year of the dog.

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You may not believe it, but your Bible is jam-packed with philosophy. Crammed with thinking about why life works the way it does. A good example: Samuel and Kings (1-2 Samuel and 1-2 Kings in the Christian Bible) philosophize about the rise and fall of the kingdom of Israel.

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TUPELO • Anyone who attends a live orchestral concert usually enjoys it from the comfort of a seat at a distance from the musicians.

Each year I compile a list of the top 10 dining experiences I enjoyed throughout the previous year. The list is never about the most expensive meal or the finest atmosphere. This end-of-the-year list covers the meals that were most memorable to me.

SWAYZE is a shorthair tabby cat who’s just 3 months old. Who could resist those ears, those eyes and those white boots? He needs a forever, loving home. Swayze’s adoption number is 113003M.