Deck: THS Madrigals to blend voices for 31st Singe Feaste

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Members of the 2006 Tupelo High School Madrigals include Rachel Alexander, Megan Asa, Jeremy Evans, Peyton Fandel, Julie Grisham, Sophie Houin, Darby Kellum, Jonathan Kornegay, Monique Lockridge, Ben McAlilly, Jordan Metcalfe, Auston Nolan, Annelisa Ramsey, Phil Russell, Corey Springer, Lacey Stone, Emily Thompson and Josh Williams.

A holiday classic

n What: Tupelo High School Madrigals' 31st Singe Feaste

n When: 7 p.m. Nov. 27-29

n Where: North end of Gloster Greek Village

n Tickets: $20, with students getting $5 discount on Nov. 29

n Info: (662) 842-4307

By M. Scott Morris

Daily Journal

TUPELO - The holidays wouldn't be the holidays without cherished traditions that return year after year.

The Tupelo High School Madrigals are gearing up for the 31st Singe Feaste, a chance to eat, drink and be merry that's based on celebrations that actually go back for hundreds of years.

"The kids are well prepared," said Vicki Wilson, director. "They always look forward to it, so it's very exciting now that we're so close."

On the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after Thanksgiving, the 18 performers will blend their voices to perform sacred and secular music. Some of the songs have been performed in Europe since the 17th century, if not earlier. It's challenging music, and that's part of the point.

"All the different harmonies of that time period are really cool to me," said Annelisa Ramsey, a 17-year-old senior who sings alto. "I don't listen to modern music much. My favorite thing is listening to choral music."

Old World feel

Imagine for a moment a slate gray castle on a harsh, blustery winter's day somewhere in the Old World. Outside, the wind howls, but there's an entirely different feel inside where lords and ladies feast, as well as fill the tapestry-covered halls with songs.

The THS Madrigals aim to capture some of that spirit during the Singe Feaste, where they'll dress in colorful costumes inspired by styles worn during Queen Elizabeth I's reign.

"I like the dressing up. I like to look cool," said 17-year-old senior and baritone Jordan Metcalfe, who gave his mom credit for creating his Singe Feaste fashion statement.

Wilson, her choir and family members will travel into the woods before the event to gather trees that will transform the northern end of Gloster Creek Village into a castle dining hall.

A town crier will announce the guests as they arrive. Members of the THS Theatre Department will present a skit, and the Madrigals will perform songs related to each course of the evening's meal.

Expect to hear "Wassail Song," "The Boar's Head Carol," "The Flaming Pudding" and other less food-related tunes such as "Carol of the Bells," "Sing We Noel" and "Deck the Hall."

This will be the 31st THS Singe Feaste, but it'll be the first time these particular Madrigals join to create this special holiday tradition.

"The students make it unique each year," Wilson said. "They always add their own interpretation of what a Singe Feast is. That makes it something different every year."

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