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By W. Derek Russell

Daily Journal

TUPELO – When Cortney and Christian Sargent found out they were going to be having a child, a local, family-friendly television reality show wasn’t one of the items they registered for.

But, just like parenthood, things aren’t always the way you plan them. As the young couple began filming doctor’s appointments and different events to send to family members abroad, their YouTube channel started gaining popularity.

“After we had the baby we decided to stop,” Christian said, “but we had subscribers on our YouTube channel that were interested and wanted to see more. We didn’t think we had the time or the energy to do it so we just let it go, but we heard from Allen Pegues at Premium Productions who asked if we had thought about doing more episodes, and we decided to go ahead and do it.”

Enter, “Life with Cortney and Christian,” a new reality series that airs on Comcast channel 198 each Sunday night.

“I’ve always loved videography and videos,” Cortney said, “so whenever I posted the short videos online, our friends and family and people we didn’t even know would like it and we’d get a few thousand watches on each one. People enjoyed it. It’s something that’s refreshing and an alternate from popular culture and popular media right now.”

Each episode follows the couple and their now 6-month-old son, Cortney Jr., on different activities and experiences.

“We usually pick our filming days if we’re doing something specific or going somewhere, they’ll tag along,” Christian said. “That’s the only thing that’s planned is where we’re going or what we’re doing. The rest of it is real reality TV. It’s unscripted.”

“In our first two episodes we’re at home and introducing the audience to who we are and our normal conversations,” Cortney said. “We’re both very busy with very hectic schedules, so the first few episodes are us trying to schedule everything. Cortney Jr. was recently christened so that was an episode as well. In a week or two an episode is airing that shows us going on vacation to Florida. There’s an episode at the Tupelo Buffalo Park … We just try to have fun and make it comical for everyone.”

While the Sargents are no strangers to the broadcast world – both are radio personalities for Urban Family Communications as well as work at American Family Association – they haven’t let the limelight go to their heads.

“We’re not a perfect example of anything,” Cortney said, “but we are an example. Young people watch TV and see what’s out there and when they see people arguing and fighting, they think that’s how it’s supposed to be. That that’s how the standard is. God has set the standard and with us being Christians, we want to show that. The bottom line is we want to display a healthy standard of marriage and family. That’s what we need in media today.”

More than anything, the duo is happy to show off Tupelo while having a good time in front of the camera.

“People have really enjoyed it,” Christian said. “They look forward to it. We post every episode online so people can view it from afar and it’s been a great response.”

“It’s really great for something to be like this right here at home,” Cortney said. “You don’t see stuff like this around here, but Tupelo is very embracing and we’re happy to have the opportunity to do it.”

“Life with Cortney and Christian” airs on Sundays at 7 p.m. (with repeats on Thursdays at 7 p.m.) on The Premium Network, Comcast channel 198 in Tupelo.

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