TUPELO • In 1969, The Monkees released a 45-rpm single of a song titled “Teardrop City.” In 2014, four musicians formed a band and called themselves Teardrop City.

“We liked the song,” said band member Laurie Stirratt. “It’s such a great song title and we decided to go with it.”

The Oxford-based Teardrop City is Tyler Keith on guitar and vocals, George Sheldon on guitar, base and vocals, Van Thompson on drums and Stirratt on guitar, base and vocals.

The four had played in various bands for 20 years, on and off, before joining forces.

“Some of us had even played together before in one band or another,” Stirratt said. “We decided it would be fun to get together, have some fun with it.”

One of their earliest gigs as Teardrop City was a weekly show at the Lamar Lounge in Oxford.

There’s no one-word descriptor that pigeonholes the music of the band. Rather, a short laundry list offered by Stirratt does the trick.

“Hill Country blues, garage rock, classic country,” she said. “Basically rock ‘n’ roll. We’ve been influenced by tons of Mississippi Delta blues artists, punk rock, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins and so many others.”

Though they’ve been full-time musicians for a long time, most of the band members have regular jobs as well.

“These days it’s harder to make a living playing live,” Stirratt said. “We’ve kind of settled into day jobs, but we play pretty regularly.”

In fact, Teardrop City will play its first gig at Tupelo’s Link Centre on Saturday as part of the Link’s Monthly Music Mix. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Concert Hall with musician Mark Adamec opening for Teardrop City.

The band’s got some plans for the Tupelo show.

“I think we’re going to do a semi-electric show at the Link, with some acoustic,” Stirratt said. “It will do really well. Most of our shows are full electric – raucous, high-energy. We like to have big crowds who like to dance. We just want people to have fun.”

Teardrop City has one record, but hopes are high they’ll be working on another one soon.

“It’s Later Than You Think” was recorded at Dial Back Studio in Water Valley and has received high praise from listeners.

There are a couple of covers but most of the record’s offerings are original. Keith, Sheldon and and Stirratt are all songwriters in addition to their other musical abilities.

“We write a good bit apart,” Stirratt said. “But sometimes we’ll work on songs together.”

Stirratt invites folks to come by the Link Centre on Saturday and give Teardrop City a listen.

“If you like rock ‘n’ roll, hill country, garage rock, there’ll be something for you,” she said. “I think there’s appeal for a wide audience. You should definitely come.”

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