Travis Castleberry of Baldwyn has been selected to attend the National Young Leaders Conference Oct. 30-Nov. 4 in Washington, D.C.

The NYLC is a unique leadership development program for high school students who have demonstrated leadership potential and scholastic merit. Castleberry will be among 350 outstanding National Scholars from around the country to attend the conference.

The theme of the NYLC is "The Leaders of Tomorrow Meeting the Leaders of Today." Throughout the six-day conference, Castleberry will interact with key leaders and newsmakers from the three branches of government, the media and the diplomatic corps.

Highlights of the program include welcoming remarks from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and a panel discussion with prominent journalists at the National Press Club. Castleberry will also meet with senators and a representative or an appointed member of their staff to discuss important issues facing the nation.

"The National Young Leaders Conference provides an opportunity for students like Travis Castleberry to distinguish themselves as tomorrow's leaders," said Michael Lasday, executive director of the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, the organization that sponsors the NYLC.

"Scholars not only gain knowledge and experience in the nation's capital, they leave with a sense of accomplishment and an increased ability to face the challenges of the future."

To complete the schedule of special meetings and briefings, Castleberry will also participate in a number of leadership skill-building activities. In one role-play activity known as "If I Were President," students act as the president and Cabinet members responding to an international crisis. Students also participate in a judical simulation, called "Testing the Constitution," in which they examine actual Supreme Court cases. The NYLC culminates with the Model Congress, in which scholars assume the roles of U.S. representatives, and debate, amend and vote on proposed legislation.

The CYLC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization. Founded in 1985, it is committed to fostering and inspiring young people to achieve their full leadership potential. More than 425 members of the U.S. Congress join this commitment by serving on the CYLC Honorary Congressional Board of Advisors.

Each year, 7,000 select, outstanding youth nationwide participate in the 20 sessions of the NYLC.

For additional information on the National Young Leaders Conference, visit the NYLC on the Internet at

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