Developments in terrorist attacks fallout, investigation

The Associated Press

Developments Monday related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks:

U.S. forces strike Afghanistan for second night in a row, using bombs and missiles to target military installations of ruling Taliban and al-Qaida network of suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden. No immediate word of results.

Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says 31 targets struck Sunday, including radar, ground forces, al-Qaida infrastructure and aircraft.

Taliban says Sunday's attacks missed their mark and claims women and children were among about 20 people killed; bin Laden survived.

Thousands riot in Quetta, Pakistan, denouncing United States, lobbing firebombs and praising bin Laden. At least one person is killed. In Gaza Strip, protesters of U.S. air strikes wage gun battle with police. Two people are killed and 50 injured.

FBI steps in to investigate second case of anthrax exposure in Florida following anthrax death of 63-year-old year-old man. Scores of people line up for tests, antibiotics.

Federal authorities limit U.S. airline passengers to one carry-on bag and one pocketbook or briefcase each.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge reports for duty as the first director of the nation's new Office of Homeland Security.

New York holds first parade since the attacks. Security increased at airports, bridges, tunnels and landmarks.

Authorities say 4,815 people remain missing at the World Trade Center and 417 confirmed dead. Death tolls unchanged at Pentagon (189) and at Pennsylvania crash site (44).

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