Playwright Billie Jean Young offered Mother's Day messages in her poetry as writers were recognized Sunday for their submissions to the weekend's Gum Tree Festival in Tupelo.

Recognized were:

In published poetry, Rebecca Hood-Adams. Honorable mentions to Suzanne R. Monk and Rosemarie Lane.

In unpublished poetry, Suzan Cox Davis. Honorable mentions to G. Marion Stafford and Ann Ivy King.

For collegiate poetry, Zack Turner. Kristi Smith and Janette Stone received honorable mentions.

Winners received $150 and writers who won honorable mentions were given $75.

Hood-Adams also was the winner in the category of published short story and, with Joe Edward Morris, won an honorable mention.

John Tucker won for unpublished short story. Kim Henderson and Howard Brown won honorable mention.

Jeff Duke was the winner for short story and Zack Turner won an honorable mention.

Winners in these categories received $250 and those who were cited for honorable mentions were given $125.

Among artists, Kathleen Fetters was judged best in the show. In other categories, the first winner cited received $300 and the following two each received $100:

In painting, Charles Gatewood, John P. Carlson and Bill Turner.

For watercolor, Paul Jackson, Gary Curtis and Bill Bailey.

For graphics, Kurtis Thomas, Jack Porter and Donna Marshall.

In jewelry, Peter Designs, Brian Wetherell and Ron and Donna Johnson.

In crafts, Claire Whitmore, Siporski and Harkins Chairs.

For pottery, Susan Freeman, Judy Rose and T. Poterbaugh Gill.

In unclassified, George Berry, Teresa Hays and Claudia Cartee.

In the songwriters competition, winners were:

Bud Tower, Tad Minto and Julie Strippling of New Orleans; Scott Murray of Nashville, Tenn.; Anita Mayfield and Roger Mercer of Guntown; and the band Closet Dog of Nettleton.

Other Gum Tree Festival winners included:

Youth art competition results

Judges' Choice Awards

Judges' Choice Award winners received a cash prize of $10 at the awards presentation at the festival on Sunday afternoon.

First Grade: Ashley Chaffin, "Skating Pond," Tupelo Christian Preparatory School; Nardia Hoskins, "Lady," Church Street School; Aaron Spearman, "Picking Indian Corn," Tupelo Christian Preparatory School; Kristin Wells, "Boys and Girls," Church Street School; Veronica Wood, "Spring Time," Shannon.

Second Grade: Charlie Alvis, "My Impression of Flowers," Thomas Street School; Laura Hamm, "Lizard and the Fly," Church Street; Stacy Morris, "Belle in the Field," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Lydia Rice, "Self Portrait," Pierce Street; Ridge Vail, "Jake," Church Street.

Third Grade: Shamanda Edwards, "Self Portrait," Pierce Street; Elyse Lovelace, "Snow Flake City," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Leslie Mahaffey, "Checkers," Thomas Street; Justin Weaver, "Indian Pot," Saltillo; Xavier Wilson, "The Two Princesses," Pierce Street.

Fourth Grade: Brisbane Baird, "Katmando," Church Street; Justin Maynard, "Seahorsing Around," Rankin; Brittany McGaughy, "My Play Ground," Pierce Street; Will Reed, "Winston," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Adam Wilkerson, "Peacock," Pierce Street.

Fifth Grade: Will Cody, "Me, Myself and I," King Intermediate; Megan Crosswhite, "King School," King Intermediate; Phillip Douglas, "Mesmer Eyes," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Trey Hill, "Blowing in the Wind," King Intermediate; Lee Morrison, "Wild," King Intermediate.

Sixth Grade: Laura Henry, "Portrait of Natalie," Milam Intermediate; Emily Hensen, "Egyptian Princess," King Intermediate; Mark Martin, "Looking Out My Window," Milam Intermediate; Betsy Phillips, "In Full Bloom," Milam Intermediate; Erin Stubbs, "Party," King Intermediate.

Seventh Grade: Amanda Herring, "Connections," Guntown Middle School; Sonya Hicks, "Connections," Guntown Middle School; Matthew Lott, "The Gum Tree," Mooreville; April Miller, "Connections," Guntown Middle School; Brandon Stein, "Connections," Guntown Middle School.

Eighth Grade: Tyrone Catledge, "Winter Wonder Land," Tupelo Middle School; Cliff Decker, "Ecstasy by the Lake," Tupelo Middle School; Angela Gilmore, "Winter Snow," Tupelo Middle School; Christy Simpson, "See What You Want to See," Tupelo Middle School; Cindy Smith, "Winter Wonder Land," Tupelo Middle School.

Ninth Grade: Owen Barnett, Michael Bumpus, Scott McIntire and John Steele, all of Tupelo High School, and Rebecca Weatherspoon of Shannon High School.

Tenth Grade: Clay Butler, Josh Dennis, Alicia Gordon and Drew McNeil, all of Tupelo High School, and Daniel Scruggs of Shannon High School.

Eleventh Grade: Cameron Coleman, Camille Reed, Ashley Roberts, Tony Tabone and Christy Welch, all of Tupelo High School.

Twelfth Grade: Greg Birdsong, Hugh Davis, Jeff Gilmore, Telena Hentz and Tara Hunsucker, all of Tupelo High School.

Merit Awards

Merit Awards are equivalent to honorable mentions. Certificates of Merit will be presented to the student artists at the schools during annual awards ceremonies.

First Grade: Shauna Beasley, "Going on an Easter Hunt," Mooreville; David Box, "Flower Plants Grow," Shannon; Blair Cleveland, "Morning Song," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Aran Coleman, "Squirrel on a Fence," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Joseph Currie, "Happy Dolphins," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Denise Fountain, "The Barn," Mooreville; Elizabeth Kilbourne, "Happy Family," Shannon; Christopher Lippencott, "Huntin' Boy," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Lacey Lowe, "Lightening," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Drew Napier, "Mountain Skier," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Amy Nelson, "Dalmatian Day," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Sky Ray, "Peter in the City," Lawhon; Matthew Walton, "Arctic Mountains," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Amanda Williams, "Fruit Basket Turnover," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Renae Young, "Horseback Riding," Shannon.

Second Grade: Maegan Bailey, "Shades of Purple," Verona; C.J. Blackburn, "Big Buck," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Emily Booth," W Is For Watermelon," Church Street; Beau Carsten, "Weaving," Joyner; Allie Couch, "Weaving," Joyner; Rachel Douglass, "Ms. Penguin," Rankin; Mrs. Herman's Class, "Rural Community," Lawhon; Santana Hill, "The Red River," Church Street; Kathleen Hillen, "Cat on Tip Toes," Church Street; Wesley Hutchison, "Under the Volcano," Joyner; Nathan Lampley, "The Roaming Dinosaur," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Lindy Nesmith, "Weaving," Joyner; Andrea Stamps, "Creatures in the Night," Pierce Street; Will Hardin Stewart, "Army Dude," Church Street; David Streets, "Native American Totem Pole," Verona; Eric Tyra, "Self Portrait," Pierce Street; Daniel Webb, "Ulysses S. Grant," Church Street; David Alan White, "Weaving," Joyner; Lauren Yeoman, "Scary Face," Church Street.

Third Grade: Victoria Bannerman, "The Flower Pot," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Beth Anne Brooks, "Pinky," Rankin; Mia Coleman, "Dragon," Church Street; Daniel Dempsey,"Sight of a Giant Tower," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Michael Hageman, "Eagle Spirit Mask," Thomas Street; Mary Hensen, "Jets Black Rose," Joyner; Matt Hitt, "Dino-Mite," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Dane Jones, "The Goddess," Lawhon; Erica Keltz, "Mountain Majesty," Church Street School; Mary Katherine Lacastro, "The Lizard in the Cave," Pierce; William Marcy, "The Kid Who Shoots Three Pointers," Lawhon; Matthew Markerson, "Hammerhead Shark on the Hunt," Rankin; Jonte Stegall, "The E," Pierce Street; Sasha Thompson, "A Good Friendship," Pierce Street; Tyler Vandiver, "Tropical Plant," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Tommy Vaughan, "Taking It Easy," Pierce Street; Patty Whitfield, "Beautiful Butterfly," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Chase Wynn, "King Tut," Thomas Street.

Fourth Grade: Kaley Anderson, "Just Hanging Around," Pierce Street; Nicholas Broussard, "King Kachina Vampire," Thomas Street; Kate Brown, "Elvis Wire," Church; Anna C. Bryson, "Pot of Prints," Joyner; Webb Corban, "Indian Bird Face," Church Street; Will Dorrough, "Insect Land," Saltillo; Robert Harrison, "Cool Designs," Pierce Street; Thad Lewis, "Worlds Best Fish," Rankin; Ann Louise, "Self Portrait," Pierce Street; Dustin McCellan, "Leaping Tiger," Rankin; Jessie McGowen, "Tea Party in the Meadow," Saltillo; Jay Nail, "The Giant Egg Plant," Joyner; John Oxner, "Explosion," Saltillo; Lynn Partin, "Into the Kiva," Thomas Street; Justin Pitts, "Estation," Pierce Street; John Clark Poole, "Flowers and Fruit," Thomas Street; Drew Pruett, "P Is for Pelican," Pierce Street; Jocelyn Smith, "Pug Shoes," Church Street; Leah Wilburn, "Skiing on the Greek Urn," Lawhon.

Fifth Grade: Hilary Adamec, "Rainbow Leaf," King Intermediate; Santana Austin, "Can You Find the Leaf," Milam Intermediate; Jason Bank, "Hey It's Me," King Intermediate; Christopher Buse, "Dinosaur Invaders," Saltillo; Justin Cook, "Portrait of a Friend," Mooreville; Lori Cooper, "Under the Sea," Saltillo; Jessica Dewman, "Magnolia," Verona; Meak Fair, "Thumbs Up," King Intermediate; Ally French, "Magic," King Intermediate; Bobby Hudspeth, "Peter," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Liz Krason, "Bullfight," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Jason Lamb, "Fish Pillow," Milam Intermediate; Austin Little, "Hmm," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Silvia Meewis, "Bumpy Ride," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Lane Napier, "Lazy Roses," Tupelo Christian Preparatory; Elizabeth Paulk, "Heaven and Earth," King Intermediate; Josh Watkins, "Fish Pillow," Milam Intermediate; Barrett Womack, "Velorivaptor," Saltillo.

Sixth Grade: Jeremy Abernathy, "Nile Mistress," Milam Intermediate; Brandon Cook, "Life Is All Up Hill," Milam Intermediate; Isaiah Edger, "Insane," Verona; Danielle Frerer, "Mummie Ever After," King Intermediate; Don Greenwood, "Blue Checkers," Guntown Middle School; Sam Henderson, "My Father," Milam Intermediate; Megan Holcomb, "The Kid," King Intermediate; Jessica Kingsley, "Ocean in Harmony," King Intermediate; Jonathan Leach, "Peace Out," Milam Intermediate; Casey Marcy, "Masquerade," King Intermediate; Anna Maynard, "Softball Is Life," King Intermediate; Nikki Moses, "Distorted Flowers," Verona; Melissa Niven, "Home Sweet Home," King Intermediate; Kim Posey, "I Dream," Milam Intermediate; Kevin Theisen, "Sailing Around the World," King Intermediate; Drew Wilson, "Peace," King Intermediate; Marcus Wilson, "For the Look of Me," Milam Intermediate.

Seventh Grade: Ronny Easterling, "Symbolism," Guntown Middle; Tina Figge, "Connections," Guntown Middle; Lauren Nelson, "Connections," Guntown Middle; Anna Payne, "Connections," Guntown Middle.

Eighth Grade: Brent Hallmark, "Easter Colors," Tupelo Middle; Julie Hellums, "Spring Array," Tupelo Middle; Carolyn Henry, "Hot Air Balloon," Tupelo Middle; Kellye Taylor, "Paradise," Tupelo Middle.

Ninth Grade: Owen Barnett, Joey Boettcher, Josh Long and Eric Stars, all of Tupelo High School, and Amy Carnathan, Amy Payne, Trent Smith and Amanda Waters, all of Shannon High School.

Tenth Grade: Jessica Chrestman of Shannon High School; Christie Taylor of Tupelo Christian Academy; and T.J. Barnett, Kristin Boes, Caleb Ewing, Quien Henderson, Jason Jenkins, Valerie Pannell, Kakham Praseut, Mike Prust, Keith Rutledge and Tyler Sneed, all of Tupelo High School.

Eleventh Grade: JoJo Whiteside of Shannon High School; and Jeff Boyd, Nathan Davis, Ike Gable, Bradley Geno, Andrea Gunter, David Lawson, Ben Lindsey, Lee Long, Juli Moore, Camille Reed, Shawn Richardson, Kevin Robbins, Beth Robison and Tony Tabone, all of Tupelo High School.

Twelfth Grade: Dewayne Johnson of Shannon High School; and Brandie Akers, Jonathan Ard, Greg Birdsong, Charles Bouldin, Paul Brown, Hugh Davis, Caren Edwards, Jeff Gilmore, Chip Harris, Telena Hentz, Shonodeep Modak, Belinda Nance, Jonathan Parmer, Presley Riley and Cindy Vance, all of Tupelo High School.

Celebration of Writing (junior high and high school)

Seventh grade prose: First, Jessica Nelson, Tupelo Middle School, "Bobbie's Sandwich Shoppe;" second, Ivan Edwards, Tupelo Middle School, "What Is Determination?;" third, Lauren Davis, Tupelo Middle School, "Unforgettable Forever."

Seventh grade poetry: First, Victor Brinkley, Guntown Middle School, "Prejudice;" second, Claire Sparks, Tupelo Middle School, "Attitude;" third, Kayla Clayborne, Tupelo Middle School, "My Grandfather I Never Knew;" third, Flo Beck, Guntown Middle School, "From Closed Eyes."

Eighth grade prose: First, Nora Brown, Guntown Middle School, "The House on the Corner;" second, Samantha Lawson-Watson, Guntown Middle School, "Silent Heart;" third, Miranda Motes, Guntown Middle School, "That Night."

Eighth grade poetry: First, Lindsay McIntire, Tupelo Middle School, "The Sea;" second, Nicholas Whipple, Tupelo Middle School, "Day By Day;" third, Lee Buse, Guntown Middle School, "Dreams."

Ninth grade prose: First, Robika Modak, Tupelo High School, "A True Myth;" second, Sam Sparks, Tupelo High School, "The Emperor's Farewell;" third, Ken Ford, Tupelo High School, "Increase the Peace."

Ninth grade poetry: First, Eric Coleman, Tupelo High School, "The Dare;" second, April Hamilton, Tupelo High School, "Arizona Sunset;" second, Leslie Randle, Tupelo High School, "Daddy;" third, Aris Freeman, Tupelo High School, "I Am the Future."

Tenth grade prose: First, Devani Harrelson, Saltillo High School, "Vital Signs;" second, Jessica Kolb, Saltillo High School, "Looking For Tomorrow;" third, Shanna Duggar, Saltillo High School, "Companion."

Tenth grade poetry: First, Amber Fikes, Tupelo High School, "Autumnal Ball;" second, Sadie Aycock, Tupelo High School, "Running;" third, Kasey Montgomery, Tupelo High School, "Autumn."

Eleventh grade prose: First, Jake Livingston, Tupelo High School, "The Shock."

Eleventh grade poetry: First, Nathan Pitner, Tupelo High School, "The Squirrels in the Graveyard;" second, Gayle Rogers, Tupelo High School, "My Frog;" third, Karen Anglin, Tupelo High School, "A Summer Day."

Twelfth grade prose: First, Jonathan Ard, Tupelo High School, "The Curse;" second, Andrew O'Dell, Tupelo High School, "Brights;" third, Tracey Burgeson, Saltillo High School, "Forever in a Day."

Twelfth grade poetry: First, Meredith Porter, Tupelo High School, "Pendulum;" second, Bradley Bennett, Tupelo High School, "Growing;" third, Mike McCain, Tupelo High School, "The Draft."

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