By Joyce Gillentine-Heyman

Have you ever noticed that once you pass the halfway point on the yardstick of life, you begin to reminisce often especially if the date on the calendar is getting closer to another birthday.

I received a gift of a calendar that has all types of sayings. Mine was titled "365 More Great Things About Getting Older." Yeah.

Today's gem is by Oliver Goldsmith: "I love everything that's old: old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine."

As Halloween approaches, one of the joys of childhood is to ride on a wagon piled with hay to the pumpkin patch and find that special one to turn into a jack o lantern. The children of Babyland Plus enjoyed their trip to the T & S Mini Ranch. They petted all the animals, especially the minuature horses, rode in the wagon and got their kiss from the llama Bambi. Besides all this, they stored a memory that hopefully these children will be able to think back to the fun they had that day and say, "Remember when. .. "

Mayor Brandon Presley welcomed Rust College's Tri-County Alumni members at their September meeting in the home of Rust alumna Minnie Leeper. Alumni from Lee, Monroe and Chickasaw counties met to plan their activities for the 2001-02 year. A recent activity was to assist in building on the Rust campus in Holly Springs in memory of the late Georgia Anna Fields Thompson, founder of the Tri-County Alumni Club and mother of Rust President David Beckley and sister to Lillie Bell Johnson of Shannon. Club President Nellie Adams and Parlimentarian Ulyssis Sims encouraged the club to go forward in their work to support Rust College and to honor the college motto: "By thy fruits ye shall know them."

The pastor and members of Victory Baptist Church were singing from the rooftop Sunday to celebrate the church reaching its goal of 100 worshippers.

Pastor Robert Fowlkes had promised to perform this feat when the goal was met. After service everyone gathered to listen to them sing "I'll Fly Away" and "Amazing Grace," both very appropriate songs. Dinner was prepared by ladies of the church and I can vouch that Nettleton has some of this area's best cooks.

The Nettleton Ladies Civitan Club has sponsored three new area clubs: Shannon, Plantersville and the Nettleton County Line Men's Club. Forty-two men were inducted into Civitan International at a dinner giving in their honor. Members from nine Civitan Clubs were present to honor this new men's club.

The Ladies Civitans have several projects under way. Along with the traditional project of adopting a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Nettleton Christmas Parade is scheduled for Nov. 26. Ellie Hall is once again the parade chairwoman for the club. Anyone interested in participating should call 963-3958 as soon as possible.

Prior to the Nettleton/Pontotoc football game Friday, two special events took place on Tiger Field. First, all seniors in the band, cheerleader squad and football team were introduced along with their parents to acknowledge their years of support on this their last home game as a student at Nettleton High.

Secondly, on behalf of the entire population of Nettleton, Mayor Presley presented to James C. Young a plaque honoring him for his many years of support to the city and the Nettleton School board. The football fieldhouse was renamed the James C. Young Fieldhosue to honor Mr. Young for his faithful support of Nettleton's athletic department.

Businesses moved or closed in Nettleton include Reed Manufacturing, Western Auto and Ray's Electric. Businesses gained or relocated include Bug Express, Pit Stop Package Store, Gold Exchange and Pawn Shop, Cabinet Shop and Enchanted Forest Flower Shop. The mayor said all efforts are being made to bring a new business into the former Reed building.

A big thanks to the Burlington-Northern Railroad for the work done on the Buchanan/Highway 145 crossing and Oak Street crossing.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and give thanks to God that we are a free people in a free country allowed to build good memories.

Joyce Gillentine-Heyman is the Nettleton News correspondent for Lee County Neighbors.

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