Presley the pug went to school last Tuesday.

At least, that’s what we told her.

The total truth? It was doggie daycare. But for Presley, it was a first.

My friend Cheryl and I sat in the car after leaving our whimpering pug behind and realized how our mamas had felt decades ago, walking away from their baby girls on first days of nursery school, kindergarten and early elementary school.

For one of us, there were a few tears.

We’d been told the first time for Presley was a trial run.

That meant if she didn’t respect nap time or play well with others or do her business outside, well, she’d likely not be welcomed back.

She’d be labeled a scoundrel, a rascal, a miscreant. And thus labeled, word would spread and she’d be banned from every doggie day care in Lee County and beyond.

But when we picked her up Tuesday afternoon, the news was good: She’d done great.

Her crying obviously had been for our benefit – we were told she stopped as soon as we walked out the door.

She made new friends, quickly learned the path to the outside “business” area, did a little running and took a lengthy nap.

The most amazing report regarding Presley’s day was that she shared treats with others.

Could you repeat that, please?

She shared treats with others. She really did. And that’s amazing. When it’s treat time at home with her three male canine buddies, there are often growls in the mix.

But at doggie day care, Presley shared.

“Now, if the other dogs didn’t eat their treats, Presley went around and ate them,” Unleashed employee Vada told us.

Ah, there’s the real Presley.

She’s overweight, this pug we love. We prefer fluffy over fat, but no matter what word’s used, she suffers from a malady common to many pugs. She loves food.

We are dieting diligently: She’s on special food – and not much of it; carrots have replaced other treats; and before summer surfaced, she was walking daily.

Socialization is certain a reason for Presley’s day care enrollment, but so is exercise. We hope she might frolic away some fluff.

It’s possible.

But first we are going to have to get word to her new furry friends regarding snack time.

No sharing with the fluffy pug.

Please. And thank you.

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