The summer after my third-grade year at Lizzie Horn Elementary School in my hometown, my friend Betsy and I were tormented relentlessly by a monster.

In truth, our monster was a 7-year-old boy who’d moved across the street from Betsy’s family. Clearly, it was his goal to be our own personal bully.

We told Betsy’s grandmother of our nemesis and said we wish we could just get rid of all the boys in the world, which would make our lives a lot easier.

For the next half hour we were forced to listen to the wisdom of our elder as she told us there was room in the world for all kinds of people, even mean little boys. I can’t speak for Betsy, but her grandmother’s admonishment made me feel lower than the belly of a reptile.

Several weeks later, we’d moved from wanting his kind obliterated from our world to a feeling of tolerance. By summer’s end, our acceptance made the bully lose interest.

In the northwest corner of Alabama in the small town of Carbon Hill, the mayor last week made an ignorant and frightening Facebook post. It has since been removed.

Mark Chambers, an elected official wrote this: “We live in a society where homosexuals lecture us on morals, transvestites lecture us on human biology, baby killers lecture us on human rights and socialists lecture us on economics. ... The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it’s bad to say but without killing them out there’s no way to fix it.”

The fact there are living, breathing folks who write or say or think this way about other living, breathing folks frightens me to my very core.

Historically speaking, Adolf Hitler immediately comes to mind with his systematic slaying of millions of Jewish people. He did away with other folks too – anyone he considered inferior or different, which included socialists and homosexuals. Hitler and Mayor Chambers. Sick minds think alike.

When initially asked about his Facebook post, Chambers denied writing his hateful words.

Later, he admitted he’d written the comments but said they were taken out of context.

To suggest taking out an entire group of people to “fix” a problem is pretty clear, I believe. To take such an idea out of context would be nigh unto impossible.

Still later, Chambers said he didn’t realize he’d made his post public, that it was meant as a private conversation with a friend.

Any denial or excuse matters not. In the book of Proverbs 23:7 is this wise truth: “As a man (person) thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

In a series of short sentences, Chambers has made known his heart.

And what he’s shown should strike fear in ours.

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