In the past few weeks, a “documentary” has surfaced, suggesting COVID-19 was manufactured by a coterie of global elites to seize power and turn knobs on global economic conditions.

Oh, brother.

Call me a sheep if you want to, but barking at the moon doesn’t make you a wolf.

I won’t go on about how scientists all over the world (including in America) have long conducted tests on bats, who have historically transmitted infectious diseases like SARS and Ebola. Or how COVID-19’s spread has been routine, as far as virulent diseases go, i.e., it was not “made in,” nor did it “escape from” some lab somewhere.

I’ll hold my tongue about how repulsive it is to paint healthcare workers, who confront this disease daily, as fraudsters who misreport COVID deaths to jack up statistics and gin up more fear.

I won’t name the disgraced, disproven scientist who helms this documentary and the anti-vaccination movement. Suffice it to say, it seems clear who’s out to make money off the COVID crisis.

It’s interesting to watch conspiracies around medicine and the deep state overlap. The folks at these fringes of paranoia suppose that the medical industry is not only uninterested in health, but is actually a death cult run by pedophiles and tech billionaires. You’d think if such a group did indeed establish the medical-industrial complex in our country, they’d be able to hide it from us regulars.

Perhaps the anxiety comes from the prospect of your personal health as a political arena – which it totally is. Consider the following:

Other than New Zealand, the U.S. is the only country in the world where drug manufacturers can advertise prescription drugs directly to consumers, spending over $6 billion in 2017 alone. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies spend more in political campaign donations and lobbying than any other industries – a combined $7.5 billion over the past 22 years, almost evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

In 2016, Congress passed a federal law prohibiting states from requiring food manufacturers to disclose genetically modified ingredients on food labels, even though 90% of Americans want labels on GMO foods. The FDA also allows food manufacturers to withhold certain ingredients from labels if the ingredient falls under the broad, vague label of “trade secret” – i.e., “secret ingredient.”

In 2011, Congress decided that pizza counts as a vegetable. The Department of Agriculture supported a bill to fight childhood obesity by lessening the presence of pizza and chips in school lunch rooms. The frozen food industry lobbied heavily to keep that vital revenue stream, and it won. Congress voted that putting two tablespoons of tomato sauce in anything makes it a vegetable. You and I both know that don’t make a lick of sense.

There’s not enough space here to delve into how the economic factors and racial history behind our food is tied into the health constitutions of poor and minority populations.

The government isn’t out to get you, or to control your mind or your soul. The government is more concerned with your vote and your dollar, thus, it has a vested interest in keeping the public somewhat healthy and somewhat placated. It is incapable of instituting a systematic lie as big as the one suggested by the documentary and the conspiracy community.

The truth is simple and easy to find, just listen to the experts, don’t believe everything you hear, and have some common sense.

RILEY MANNING is a fiction writer, former religion reporter for the Daily Journal, and a copywriter at Mabus Agency. Readers can contact him at

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