Many of us dream of taking a tropical vacation to some beautiful locale and we believe we’ll really be living the beautiful life once that day comes. We work and save, not for a rainy day, but for some sun-filled exotic one far away in the future.

But I believe living a beautiful well-lived life should be something we do each and every day – not just on a few choice days of a year.

Surprisingly, living a beautiful life daily isn’t difficult. Every day we eat, we sleep and we bathe. These three needs haven’t changed much over the centuries. Since such a large part of our life is devoted to “eat-sleep-bathe,” it makes perfect sense to examine how we spend our time fulfilling those three needs. Why? Because if we can intentionally fulfill those needs in a beautiful way, we will greatly raise our quality of life.

I hope you haven’t bought into the idea that it takes a lot of money to live beautifully. Beauty doesn’t care if we are rich or if we are poor; beauty comes freely when we consciously invite her into our homes. When we make even the least of our belongings beautiful, we elevate our enjoyment of life to a whole other wonderful level of experience.

Alexandra Stoddard, author of “Living Beautifully Together,” writes, “We have a tendency to save up for a few outstanding events each year – for a particular party, anniversary or birthday, a vacation. Such events comprise at most 5% of our living time, and the remaining 95% is often merely walked through, in wistful anticipation of some later joy. ... We want to enjoy all the days of our lives, and especially the time spent in the sanctuary of home. Life is not a dress rehearsal.”

With those thoughts in mind here is a novel idea. Instead of spending an enormous amount decorating rooms used only for special occasions (and maybe 5% of our lives), why not concentrate our efforts on the rooms where we spend the majority of our time – our kitchens, our bedrooms and our baths? When we surround ourselves with beautiful details in those three areas of our life, then beauty truly becomes a living part of our life 95% of the time.

My friend Kevin Rausch’s company catchphrase is “Where the details make the difference.” By adding beauty to the details of our home, we vastly improve the fullness of our home life. Once we make a habit of paying attention to the details, living well is easy.

When we mindfully arrange our belongings for easier access and visibility, the very act of organizing them will reveal a certain degree of beauty and order. Well-arranged pantries, clothes closets, shoe racks, bookcases, shelves and drawers transform into minor works of art in their own right.

I must confess, I am somewhat of a clotheshorse. I follow Marie Kondo’s advice when hanging my clothes from darks to lights, but I also color coordinate my solids, patterns, stripes and checks and group them separately. It makes finding the perfect thing to wear every day much easier and there’s a certain amount of satisfaction in that.

To live richly and fully isn’t hard, it just takes intention. It also takes practice until it becomes a habit. The activities of eating, sleeping and bathing present daily opportunities to live life more fully. Look for ways to introduce beauty into your daily routines and you’ll live the beautiful life every day.

Live well – live in beauty!

STEPHEN THOMPSON creates tasteful interiors in north Mississippi. For consultations, comments, or questions contact Designer Connection, P.O. Box 361, Tupelo, MS 38802.

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