Everywhere we look, media is tempting us to beautify our homes so that we can love them more, or update them, sell them and find a better place to live. Facebook is chock full of before-and-after images depicting successful remodels and beautiful home stagings. Whether you’ve made up your mind to stay right where you are or you’re thinking seriously of selling your home, here are three home improvement projects sure to make your Facebook friends green with envy.

Lighting: Check to see whether the metal finishes on your light fixtures are outdated. If they are, a quick fix – using chalk paint or spray paint – will transform your out-of-fashion metal light fixtures into ones that better reflect current tastes.

For decades lighting designers have recommended can lights in the ceiling to boost a room’s light level; but that’s changed radically. Now, instead of can lights, we recommend super thin, 6- and 8-inch round surface-mount LEDs and we’re pairing them with dimmable LED switches. Unlike can lights, these new fixtures only need a few inches of space in the ceilings above them to work. And there are even matching retro-fit LEDs (to cover the holes of existing can lights) which makes mixing both types of light fixtures on the same ceiling look uniform.

Paint: Beautiful curb appeal will get a potential buyer to ask for a walk-through every time. The reverse is also true – an ugly house or yard says, “Swipe left” and “Keep on looking.” Your front door is the first and last door people touch. Both sellers and homebodies alike should dress that door in a welcoming color and then accessorize it with some great door hardware. Help accentuate your prime door with a look that says, “Greeting, my friend!” Free tip: Update your mailbox, your landscaping and lighting for added beauty, curb appeal and perceived value.

Once the outside has had its makeover, move inside with a fresh coat of paint. Tidy up your faded walls and they’ll set the stage for whatever impression you desire. Whether you are painting your walls with a neutral, relaxing greige (for easy sale), or you’re covering them in an intriguing mid-tone (because it’s your favorite color), or you’re visually striking hard and fast with an exciting bold color (after all, you only live once!), be sure to pair your choice of wall color with the right trim or stain color for your cabinets, doors and windows.

Carpentry: Add crown molding to give your home a more desirable and higher quality appearance. At minimum, install it in all of your home’s public areas and in your master suite. Crown molding’s finished look is one you’ll either enjoy for many years or it’s one that will say to a prospective buyer, “This is a beautifully built, quality home.”

I trust you thoroughly love your home and that you truly enjoy living there. If not, mark your calendars. The 2020 North Mississippi Home, Garden, and Outdoor Expo is happening April 24 (5 to 8 p.m.) and April 25 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) at the Tupelo Furniture Market, Building V. You’re bound to discover lots of bright new decorating ideas at the Expo that may inspire you or someone else to fall in love with your home all over again.

Live well – live in beauty!

STEPHEN THOMPSON creates tasteful interiors in north Mississippi. For consultations, comments, or questions contact Designer Connection, P.O. Box 361, Tupelo, MS 38802.

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