I didn't know Bill Hall, but I have heard his name many times since I have been in high school. I've heard students and teachers talk about what a great athlete and a good person he is. After he signed his contract for millions of dollars, I decided to do a little investigating to see what some of the staff thought about Bill while he was here in high school.

"Bill Hall was a very respectful student while he was at Nettleton High School. He was a well-mannered and great role model. I taught Bill and he never caused any trouble. I hope that he will be willing to come back to his home town and tell other students how to be a success. He was and is a great athlete. I am very proud of Bill and wish him the best! I really wish that we had more people like Bill."

-Kim Clayton, Special Populations coordinator and Bill's Algebra teacher

"When I was team leader for the America Reads Program at the primary school, we held a book drive for the local library. It lacked a variety of children's books. I needed someone to catch the media's attention and I thought of Bill. Of course, he was in minor league then, but I knew he was well on his way. I presented my idea to Bill and coincidentally he was flying from Milwaukee on that day. He flew into Memphis, drove to Nettleton, and parked his car, got right out, walked to the primary school and blessed us by reading a very hilarious book to the whole primary school: "The Stinky Cheese Man." They loved him and he loved them. WTVA came out and joined us. It was awesome. Major leagues hasn't changed him. He'd do it again in a heartbeat."

-Shenika Sharp, Career Center coordinator

Well, it seems Bill is one of the "good ole boys" who came from a small town and hasn't gotten so big that he doesn't remember where he came from. Who knows? Maybe Bill will come by and see us on a trip back home to see his family. He is welcome anytime at Nettleton High School.

Jake Dye is a student at Nettleton High School.

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