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Ugandan choir to sing at Ingram Baptist

Ingram Baptist Church in Baldwyn will host Ugandan Thunder, a kids choir from Uganda on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

The choir is made up of 22 children - 15 girls and 7 boys between the ages 10 and 13 - from the Royal School and Orphanage in Uganda.

This is the seventh year the group has toured the United States.

Volunteer chaplains honored by NMMC

North Mississippi Medical Center’s Pastoral Care Department honored its 17 volunteer chaplains at a luncheon on Oct. 25.

These volunteers help attend to the spiritual needs of NMMC’s patients and their families, especially those struggling or the effects of illness.

Because of their contribution, NMMC’s Pastoral Care Department achieved more than 24,600 patient visits in the past year.

Those honored include June Geddie, Bettye Clifton, Michael Goins, Kathy Smith, James Richardson, James Hilderbrand, Mike Talbert, Bobby Brock,Ken Pickens, Dick Stevens, Tim Childs, Terry Rhodes, Billy Langley, Marquette Rogers, Chris Sadler, Joe Smith, Kevin Lindley, and David Smith.

Mass. Supreme Court to hear Pledge case

Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a non-religious family that's challenging the mandatory daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in their children’s classrooms.

The family, who are secular humanists, claim that the phrase “under God” in the pledge is a violation of the state’s constitutional ban on religious discrimination.

In June, a lower court ruled against the family, saying the required recitation of the pledge was not discriminatory because it did not uphold one religion over another.

The family appealed, and will now gain a hearing from the state’s highest court.

Lucas to donate money made from Disney

In a stunning report, iconic director George Lucas will donate most of the $4 billion he recently acquired in the high profile transaction in which Disney paid as the purchased price for his Lucasfilm company, which includes Star Wars according to “The Hollywood Reporter.”

Lucas plans to give a significant portion of the proceeds to a foundation that will primarily focus on educational issues.

This week’s answer

Q. WHERE DID the Lord tell the remnant of Judah not to go?

A. Egypt (Jeremiah 42:19)

This week’s question

Q. What prophet said John the Baptist would cry in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord?

Questions by Claude Wilemon

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