TUPELO • Tupelo Community Theatre has been busy preparing for its annual Haunted Theatre that starts next week. In fact, a new addition to the spooky setup recently arrived.

“We got a corpse in today that we’ll be hanging,” said Tom Booth, TCT executive director. “From looking at it when it came in, it was unimpressive. But when we got it up, it looked a lot better. We’ll order a couple more of those to go elsewhere.”

The corpse, along with ghosts, Zombies and other scary characters, will be waiting for those brave enough to venture through the historic yet haunted Lyric.

The TCT Haunted Theatre begins its five-night performance on Friday, Oct. 18. It’s also open on Oct. 19, 25, 26 and 31.

This is the 14th year TCT is leading guests through sections of the 107-year-old Lyric, and with each section there’s a surprise waiting for them.

“We try to put as much as we can into the design and the experience people have,” Booth said. “We had almost 2,500 people come through last year.”

This year’s theme is “A Night at the Lyric,” which Booth said is a play on “A Night at the Museum.”

Guests will hear the stories about the theater, how it was used as a hospital and morgue after the 1936 Tupelo tornado that was the fifth deadliest in U.S. history. Plus, they’ll hear about and might even meet “Antoine” – the Lyric’s resident ghost. The Lyric is listed as one of the five most haunted theaters in America.

“I think we’re less blood and guts this year than in some years. We’re going back to our roots one thing this year,” Booth said. “They are going to get a little experience in the balcony, and that’s where we started when we first began. Then we’ll go into different areas of the building.

“It’s everything you can imagine,” Booth added. “Zombies to pirates to ghosts, maybe a tie-in with a movie or two people will know. Plus, a little bit of the true story of the Lyric.”

Admission is $15 per person. Once you pay there’s no refund.

“We don’t recommend it for anyone under the age of 10, but we’ll let a parent make that decision,” Booth said. “I’ve seen 6-year-old kids come through and not be fazed, and I’ve seen 40-year-old men cry and ask if they can get out. “

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TWITTER: @bobbypepper30

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