OXFORD • Bill Perry is known here for his versatility. He’s a jazz pianist, a cartoonist and a podcast host.

This week, another side of Perry is being unveiled: Independent science-fiction film maker. His first production, “They Found Me: Vengeance,” had its first showing Sunday and will have two more Friday night at the Powerhouse arts center.

In typical Perry style, he does it all: Producer, director, writer, editor, and even acting as one of the aliens.

“I’ve always been a sci-fi nut, but I’ve never put together a sci-fi film,” Perry said.

“They Found Me: Vengeance” is about an advanced alien species, the Nebulonians, that creates a race of hybrid clones called the X Models. The clones infiltrate human society in order to destroy it, but two of the clones decide to live among the humans and team up with a special unit fighting the alien invasion.

Perry said he applied his experience as a cartoonist and animator to the film, which is the first installment of a triology.

“I was able to acquire a lot of software and such that allowed me to put a lot of cool special effects into the movie,” he said. “It makes it seem like George Lucas produced this thing.”

The 70-minute film made its debut Sunday at the Oxford Film Festival’s drive-in theater.

“People were really shocked by the special effects,” Perry said. “There’s some cool CGI in this thing. You get a lot of stuff the first three to five minutes, and you realize it’s time to buckle up for the ride.”

The movie makes its “World Premiere 2” Friday with showings at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the Powerhouse, located on South 14th Street. The cast is scheduled to attend.

Admission is free, but patrons are encouraged to make a $10 donation to the Jimmy Pitts Community Artists Fund. For more on the movie, visit http://theyfoundme.godaddysite.com.


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