C Spire's Allen McIntosh doing a little fishing

As general manager of C Spire Business, Allen McIntosh has a feeling of satisfaction on being involved with a growing and constantly evolving sector of this diversified technology company. He has been with the company 18 years and two years in his present position.

“My favorite part of the job is that I get to be involved in something that's growing and will improve the entire economy of Mississippi,” he says. “I'm in a position to help businesses win through new technology. We all win when businesses and students win. That's what keeps me going. We're about growing fast and also about making businesses successful.”

C Spire's Senior Media Relations Manager Dave Miller points out that businesses have had to think on the fly during the pandemic on how to give customers what they need. “We've helped them succeed during this very difficult time.”

While being enthusiastic about his work, McIntosh, like everyone, is dealing with the new normal. “In 2020, we had the same challenges as everyone to continue our business and help others. We've been extremely busy,” he said. “We've helped businesses, churches and schools work remotely and communicate as many of our employees also worked remotely, but we've been blessed. We've all learned how important technology, automation and all different forms of communication are as we cope with COVID.”

Allen McIntosh

Allen McIntosh

McIntosh, 47, grew up in Clinton and is a graduate of Mississippi State University where he majored in industrial technology. He's committed to trying to make the implementation of technology easy and efficient. “We have to continue to be productive,” he said. “I'm fortunate to work with some of the brightest engineers I know; a good mix of people old and young.”

Every day there's a challenge, which he says is what being an industrial engineer is all about, “looking at something and making it better.”

Because of his interest in making things better, McIntosh enthusiastically supports the C Spire Foundation's focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). “That's the future of Mississippi and critical to success,” he said. “We're pursuing computer education for all schools and have pledged $1 million to support teacher training.”

But even an industrial engineer doesn't work all the time. In addition to spending time with his family — wife Vicki and children Reed, 21, and Mary Allyn, 18 — McIntosh loves the outdoors, especially bass fishing and travels to competitions around the state. “I enjoy being on the water, being in a boat and bass fishing,” he says. “I love to fish competitively; it mixes my DNA with my hobby.”



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