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Members of the Pinebelt’s Women Business Owners recently recognized outgoing and incoming board members for 2017 and 2018. Pictured are, from left, Amanda Morris, 2018 Vice President; Kathi Sherman, 2017 Event Coordinator; Skye Dulin, 2017  and 2018 Treasurer; Victoria King, 2018 Secretary; Fernanda Roberts, 2017 Secretary; Rosie Knop, 2018 President and 2017 Vice President; Jennifer Clark, 2017 President. Officers not pictured are Audrey Jackson, 2017 Public Relations, and Katherine Parker, 2018 Event Coordinator. Two of the organizations founders, Carolyn Primeaux and Mary Williams, were presented Lifetime Membership Awards. Other awards included a Lifetime Membership Award to Jennifer Clark, the Top Recruiter Award also to Clark, and the Most Inspiring Member Award to Kathi Sherman. (Courtesy of Women Business Owners)

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