Robin’s Unique Boutique Owner Robin Bounds, right, talks about her store’s adjustments during the pandemic during an April 30 segment on FOX News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

ABERDEEN – Robin’s Unique Boutique Owner Robin Bounds shared her experience of Mississippi’s soft retail opening on national news through a guest spot April 30 on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on FOX News. She believes she was picked for the Skype interview because of show reps finding one of her local TV interviews.

“They apparently researched my store and found it was a destination store, and that’s what he was so impressed about” Bounds said. “I ignored it to begin with because I thought it was a hoax. I couldn’t believe it.”

During the roughly five-minute interview, Bounds shared safety tips the store is using such as employees wearing masks, a hand sanitizer station at the door and regular cleaning; adjustments during the shutdown; and facing challenges through coronavirus.

Since the segment aired, she said online business from throughout the nation has drastically increased.

“Our view inside our [online] store was 900 people during the interview,” Bounds said, adding she talked to a local TV representative who said similar national exposure did wonders for another retailer’s business in the area.

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