Aberdeen High School graduate Reggie Kelly will be highlighted on QVC and HSN this week for his Kyvan brand of sauces and salsas.

Aberdeen High School graduate turned NFL player turned entrepreneur Reggie Kelly will made his international home shopping network debut Oct. 14 to promote his Kyvan brand of sauces and salsas.

“A lot of big companies and QVC and HSN are looking to help out black-owned businesses and small businesses to give us a platform and to help extend our brand,” he said. “We were able to present our brand, and they liked what we were doing and what we were doing in the community as well and thought we would be a perfect fit.”

QVC and HSN are part of the Qurate Retail Group, which is collaborating with the NRF Foundation to highlight 20 black-owned businesses. Kyvan’s segment aired Oct. 14 at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. on QVC and 12:55 p.m. and 9:55 p.m. on HSN. Kelly appeared via Skype for the segments and additional behind the scenes footage such as podcasts.

“It’s going to be tremendous because QVC is worldwide. The brand stands on its own,” he said. “QVC thought enough of us to put us on that platform. To me, it lets me know we’re doing the right thing.”

Kyvan has also been highlighted since mid-August on QVC and HSN’s social media accounts, which has attracted more interest for its online sales already.

“This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time with coronavirus and so many people shopping online,” he said. “I always give thanks to the good Lord because His timing is always the right time. We’re extremely grateful he allowed us to be in this particular space at this particular time for us to do this.”

He added the TV exposure’s timing with football season is perfect too.

“It’s still somewhat grilling season as well. If people aren’t tailgating, they’re going to be homegating. Anytime you have sports involved, you’re going to have great food. This has always been a great season for us as far as opportunities for sales,” he said.

In addition to some local availability, Kyvan is available in Atlanta-area grocery stores, where Kelly resides, and online at retailers such as Amazon and

Kyvan’s motto is “Appreciate the goodness,” which promotes the product’s taste as much as it does the community support it offers, including natural disaster relief and helping children.

“We love giving back to school supplies for families that are struggling. We love partnering up with the NFL for Shop with a Jock for the holiday season for kids who may not have the opportunity to experience Christmas quite like I did to get different toys. We take the kids shopping, and it’s a great experience for them,” Kelly said. “We also give free hams and turkeys to the elderly as a ways of saying, ‘You’re not forgotten. We love you and we’re thinking about you.’”

He grew up in a family who taught him it’s better to give than receive and he has surrounded himself with positive people on through his adult years.

“I want to use this platform and use it to encourage the next generation to do just that. When I first made it to the NFL, I’d heard so many stories about NFL players being this and that but once I finally got into the locker room, I saw that probably 95 percent of the guys were nothing like the media and outsiders know. Most of the guys in the NFL are good Christian guys, they love the Lord and their families and they love giving back to the community,” Kelly said. “When I first got in there, they said, ‘Reggie, we’ve got to leave the game of football better than we found it, meaning for the next group of guys, we have to train you about how to play football but also to train you to be better people outside of football,’” he said.

Kelly is grateful for the opportunity and what it holds.

“We’ll continue to use this platform to help out those who are less fortunate but also to sell some products and hopefully put a smile on people’s faces and make their tummies nice and happy,” he said.

Kelly is the second Aberdeen native to be featured on QVC in recent years. Makeup artist Billy Brasfield was featured in 2017 for a limited-edition face and eye palette through Gallany Cosmetics.

You can follow Kelly on Twitter at @reggiekelly82 or @kyvan82, on Instagram at @reggiekelly82 or @kyvan82 and on Facebook by searching Reggie Kelly or Kyvan.

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