Hardees employee Mallory Gray and the Amory location’s general manager Justin Putt hold the winning receipt for a Big Roast Beef contest. In addition to celebrating the menu item’s return, the Amory location is ranked first out of 31 locations for Big Roast Beef sales.

AMORY – Between April 24 and 29, Hardees sold 561 Big Roast Beef sandwiches, marking not only the sandwich’s return to the menu after a decade but also the Amory location leading 31 stores in its sales.

“I’ve been here for seven months, and we’ve been on a climb here. Everybody enjoys roast beef, and it’s great we’ve found our niche,” said general manager Justin Putt.

Amory’s Hardees is among 31 stores in the Diamond Hospitality company, which has other locations in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

“Amory is doing the highest sales volume in the whole company. Sixty percent of lunch and dinner is roast beef,” said district manager April Tucker, who expects roast beef sales to increase from more than 100 a day to 200 a day this week after coupons are distributed.

She said the franchise will have a six-week-long contest to determine which store sells the most roast beef sandwiches. All of the employees of the winning store will receive prizes.

“Amory is blowing everybody away and hopefully they’ll win for the franchise,” Tucker said.

In the past week, the Amory store had a contest for a week’s worth of free Big Roast Beef combos, and David Whitmann won.

“It’s exciting to see the new faces outside of our breakfast crowd,” Putt said. “The decorations have brought a lot of people in to see how big of a deal it is,” Putt said.

He credits assistant manager Nicole Benton for the location’s continued success.

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