Jan Worthey shows a sample from the inventory of heating, cooling and air conditioning supplies that are stocked at Current Heating and Air in Nettleton. The family-owned business has supplied heating and air conditioning equipment for mobile homes and traditional construction projects for 35 years.

NETTLETON – Current Heating and Cooling, located near the intersection of Metts Road and the Highway 45 bypass, has helped keep customers in three states comfortable for 35 years now by offering HVAC installation and maintenance services.

Additionally, its retail side offers mobile home supplies and appliance parts. Brand names include Rheem and Comfort Air by Carrier. Current also has a complete line of Protech replacement parts for its Rheem equipment.

Lavon Worthey launched the business in 1985 alongside Highway 6 at the opposite side of town before the bypass was built. In 2008, he sold the hardware division to Rafco, which concentrates on building supplies.

“Current gets a steady stream of business setting up heating and cooling units for 15 area modular home dealers,” Lavon’s daughter, Jan, said. “Our customers are scattered from Como and Columbus, Mississippi to locations in Tennessee and Alabama now.”

Follow-up service for air conditioning systems is also provided along with new installations.

Lavon provided a list of tips for homeowners to keep the heating and cooling systems running efficiently. Both the system’s outside and inside components require periodic attention.

Per his list, the outside condensing unit should be kept free of any debris such as grass clippings or leaves that can restrict air flow. An annual cleaning should be done by saturating the coil with coil cleaner and rinsing from the inside out. Access to the coil is obtained by removing the grate from the top of the unit. The main power disconnect should be turned off before any servicing is attempted.

The inside air handling unit’s performance depends on keeping return air filters clean.

Per his list, filters should be inspected monthly. Reusable filters may be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. People should replace disposable filters with new ones as needed, installing them with the air flow arrow pointing in the same direction as the air flow in the ducts. It is recommended that the area around the return air grill be kept free of obstructions such as drapes or furniture to ensure that there are no obstructions. Also, replace batteries in thermostats as needed.

Current has room to expand around their building and may be needed it for equipment and supply storage.

“We used to be able to park our trucks inside overnight but not anymore,” Jan said.

The business is customer-oriented with a Christian emphasis that Jan credits for their success.

The Worthey family is an active supporter of both Nettleton schools, as well as other community events. Jan and her co-worker, Amy Hurley, are active with the Friends of Nettleton and were among the founders of the Nettleton Town Creek Festival held in early October.

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