A furnace dryer area where moisture is taken out of fiber prior to pressing it into a pellet is pictured at Enviva’s Amory plant. Equipment pictured, from left, includes a suspension burner, which provides heat to dry the material (tall black cylinders); a primary dryer infeed (green cylinder); a secondary dryer and back-up dryer infeed (blue equipment); and bag house (white equipment) that connects to a cyclone and metering bin (grey equipment).

AMORY – A recent study by Chmura Economics & Analytics highlighted the regional economic impact of Enviva, a renewable energy company producing the world’s largest supply of sustainable wood pellets.

Company officials elaborated more on the impact to Amory and Monroe County.

“Since joining the Monroe community 10-plus years ago, it has been a rewarding experience to provide good paying jobs and create a positive economic impact on the county,” said Rick Frederick, community relations manager at Enviva.

According to statistics shared by Enviva’s Communications and Public Relations Manager Jacob Westfall, Enviva’s investment in the Amory plant is approximately $15 million. Employment at the Amory plant consists of 29 full-time jobs on-site, supported by 77 secondary jobs.

“For Amory, the plant directly spends $24.6 million operating the plant, and an additional $21.5 million is generated indirectly by our purchases (fiber as example), as well as by the economic activity of our associates (spending at a local store for example) – creating a total annual economic impact for Amory of $46.1 million,” Westfall said.

Westfall said Enviva’s average financial compensation in Monroe County is approximately 16 percent higher than the average wage in the county.

Enviva operates another pellet production plant in Lucedale and a terminal at the Port of Pascagoula.

As of 2022, Enviva will have invested more than $296 million in Mississippi. Also in that year, the combined total annual economic impact of Enviva’s ongoing operations in the state will be approximately $355.3 million.

According to a press release, each Enviva job in the state can support 2.38 jobs in other businesses across Mississippi overall.

“For every direct job at Enviva in Amory, there are more than two indirect jobs in logging and transportation,” said Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson in a previous press release.

The company remains committed to strengthening the communities where its employees live and work. According to Frederick, community projects have included helping stock the Amory Food Pantry, hosting luncheons and dinners for frontline medical workers, providing meals for hospital personnel and donating to various local youth programs and sports leagues.

“As we continue to grow our footprint throughout the southeastern United States, Enviva looks forward to not only strengthening our current relationships in the community, but developing new partnerships and discovering even more ways we can better support the citizens of Monroe County and the things they care most about,” Frederick said.

The Chmura study concludes by stating after current expansion and new construction projects are completed, Enviva’s total economic impact of its ongoing operations is estimated to be at least $2.7 billion annually.

Additionally, Chmura found that Enviva supports an estimated 4,200 jobs within its operational footprint while paying above-average wages in the counties in which it operates.

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