Farm Service Agency (FSA) has started making payments through the Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program – Plus (WHIP+) to agricultural producers who suffered eligible losses because of excess moisture in 2018 and 2019.

Producers who suffered losses from excess moisture, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, typhoons, volcanic activity, snowstorms or wildfires can still apply for assistance through WHIP+. Producers must provide evidence/documentation showing that the loss was due to a qualifying natural disaster event. FSA representatives anticipate the signup may end in the near future.

The following items are WHIP+ guarantee factors that will apply to eligible crops, which is a guarantee based upon the approved actual production history (APH) or County Expected Yield (CEY), as applicable.

They include RMA/NAP Coverage Level WHIP+ Guarantee Factor; Uninsured 70 percent of CEY; CAT/NAP Basic 50/55 75% of APH; 50% – < 55 % = 77.5% of APH; 55% – < 60% = 80% of APH; 60% – < 65% = 82.5% of APH; 65% – < 70% = 85% of APH; 70% – < 75% = 87.5% of APH: 75% – < 80% = 92.5% of APH; or < = 80% = 95% of APH.

As you can see, the WHIP guarantees are higher than your APH for crop insurance coverages, therefore even if you did not qualify for crop insurance losses, you may still qualify for WHIP+ payment if the reliable/verifiable production was less than the WHIP+ guarantee.

WHIP+ Information Reports (WHIPIR) are available to help the FSA complete your application. FSA may need you to provide production tickets totaled by farm to be able to complete your application.

In WHIP software, FSA will basically use the RMA unit structures to determine if a producer is eligible for a payment. For Basic BU units, the first four digits are important and all those BU loss records go together in a pay group; if the first four numbers are 0003, all loss records with first four digits 0003 will be loaded as BU-00030000.

Enterprise non-irrigated EU units will all be loaded as EU-00010000 and will basically compute losses using the yields and productions as a weighted average over the entire unit. Enterprise by Practice EP units will be loaded by irrigation practice, EP-00010000 for irrigated and EP-00020000 for non-irrigated. Optional OU and OA are optional units that will be loaded exactly as on the WHIPIR report keeping all the numbers OU-00010125, etc.

USDA Service Centers, including FSA county offices, are open for business by appointment only with appropriate social distancing. Call your service center at 369-0044 to schedule an appointment. More information on Service Centers can be found at, and more information on WHIP+ can be found at

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