Amory native Brian McCullen was recruited back home earlier this year to assume leadership at Amory Federal. Previous generations of his family operated McCullen Grocery in Amory that ceased operations in 1988.

AMORY – Amory native Brian McCullen was hired earlier this year as president and CEO of Amory Federal. He brought nearly 40 years of experience in finance when he assumed the leadership.

“I attended Mississippi State University and went to work in banking. It’s been my professional focus since I graduated from there in 1982,” he said.

McCullen’s career was based in Corinth for approximately 30 of those years, serving institutions such as the Bank of Mississippi, Farmers and Merchants Bank and Commerce Bank.

Board member Gene Haney was part of the committee that recruited McCullen back home when the position at Amory Federal came open.

“We’re looking forward to a long relationship with him. We’re thankful to land a person of his caliber,” Haney said.

His father and uncle operated McCullen Grocery Company in Amory, which was originally established by their father. The business closed its doors in 1988.

“I delivered groceries since I was old enough to work. Before I could drive, I would ride with the hired help doing deliveries,” McCullen said.

He recalled the day he came to get his own driver’s license. A highway patrolman happened to be visiting the office of the police chief and recognized the young applicant for a license.

“The patrolman told the chief, ‘No need to waste your time (examining) him – he’s been driving since he was 11 or 12 years old,’” McCullen said.

He married the year after he graduated from college and has a son, daughter and two grandchildren.

When he’s not crunching numbers, McCullen enjoys a wide variety of recreational pursuits such as woodworking, welding and beekeeping.

“I enjoy marathon running, as well as walking and bicycle riding. I played competitive tennis until I threw my back out,” he said.

McCullen was involved with the Main Street Association in Corinth in addition to charities such as the United Way and March of Dimes. He also did volunteer work at church.

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