Despite the number of businesses forced to close their doors throughout April because of the pandemic, sales tax numbers for the month were positive, meaning more people supported local businesses. Furthermore, most Monroe County municipalities’ diversion of sales tax collections showed increases compared to the same time frame in 2019.

According to the May report from the Mississippi Department of Revenue, which is reflective of April sales tax figures, Aberdeen, Amory, Hatley and Nettleton all had increases compared to the previous month’s figures.

Smithville was down a little less than $200 compared to last year’s figures and a little more than $100 compared to last month.

During April of this year, Aberdeen’s diversion was $74,172, which was a $4,281 increase from 2019’s $69,891. Amory’s $179,399 was an increase of $14,662 compared to $164,737. Hatley had a $1,043 increase from $1,483 last year to $2,526. Nettleton’s $37,668 was an increase of $4,091 from $33,577.

Smithville was the only Monroe County municipality that faced a decrease as in comparison to April 2019, from $5,438 in 2019 compared to $5,256 this year – a difference of $182. Compared to the previous month, Smithville was the only place with a decrease, which totaled $107.

Compared to the previous month, Aberdeen had a $9,452 gain in sales tax diversions, Amory had a $20,235 increase, Hatley’s figures were up by $588, and Nettleton had an increase of $9,070.

Throughout the pandemic, many Monroe County businesses continued operating in innovative ways such as online, curbside, drive-thru and delivery sales.

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