For November’s reports of sales tax diversions, most Monroe County municipalities witnessed gains compared to the previous month. The figures are reflective of October purchases, which are ahead of the onslaught of pre-Christmas sales.

Amory had a $10,000-plus gain from last month’s $179,082 with its total of $189,381. Last November’s report totaled $156,382 for the city.

Aberdeen’s total of $77,992 was a vast increase from $70,109 last month and $67,423 last year.

Nettleton’s total was $41,834, which is an increase from $38,733 in October’s report and $36,154 last year.

Hatley had a total of $3,155, which is higher than last month’s $3,117 and last year’s $1,531.

The Town of Smithville was the only local municipality with a decrease, which totaled $314. November’s total for the town was $6,219, compared to last month’s $6,533. Last year’s total for Smithville was $5,502.

Throughout the pandemic, local sales tax diversions have indicated no major decreases for Monroe County’s municipalities. These figures are reported by the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

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