Walmart employee Nancy Burnett, who has worked mostly behind the scenes, is retiring from the store after 42 years.

AMORY – Every Walmart associate who has worked with Nancy Burnett can be asked a completely different question about experiences working with her and, in so many words, give the same answer – she’s the best. After 42 years of working with the company, Burnett is retiring in August, leaving behind a legacy of respect.

“If you were in a sinking ship, you’d want her to be the captain because she’d think of a way to stop it from sinking,” said Tammy Rock, who has worked with her for 26 years.

Burnett transferred to Amory’s Walmart Supercenter from Aberdeen’s location after it closed in the late 1990s.

Although Burnett is personnel manager now, Allison Meaders has seen her job title change through her behind the scene roles. As several other associates have witnessed, however, Burnett has stepped in for any role necessary.

“I’ve seen her sweep the floors, do maintenance, claims, receiving, accounting. I’ve seen her do it all. It didn’t matter to her,” Meaders said. “She’s willing to step in and do my job [as a customer service and accounting associate]. With a lot of it, they’d ask her to learn a job, and she’d do it with no complaints. She’d be willing to do it.”

Joyce Howell recalled how Burnett has manned lines for big-ticket items on Black Friday.

“During Christmas, we had to really help in grocery to stock. She brought a ladder to stock and help customers,” said Cassandra Casey.

Even though Burnett works mostly out of sight of shoppers, she has been known to make the best of her time when working on the floor.

“She interacts and asks if the customers need help. She takes them to the product and has helped load their cars if she’s asked,” Casey said.

“She’ll check in merchandise at the back door. She probably learned her work ethic in Aberdeen,” Howell said.

Through the years of upper management asking her to learn new job responsibilities, she never complained. From the knowledge gained, she has been the one-stop source for many associates.

“She has always been top notch about where to get your information from,” Rock said. “I told her I needed a two weeks notice prior to her two weeks notice. She’s our go-to person. She knows the store, the people, Walmart and Walmart policy.”

She added Burnett also helps add to the sense of family among associates.

“She walks the talk. She’s a great Christian woman who is caring and concerned,” said Rock who with other associates added Burnett prayed for them during their times of need.

Even during stressful times, co-workers have described her as peaceful.

“I call her our Jobe because she’s just as calm and cool. She’s a fine Christian woman. She can do anything and she’ll stop what she’s doing to get it done. I don’t think you’ll find someone saying something negative about her. She’s a very tenderhearted person, and there aren’t really words to describe her,” said Michele Steverson.

Outside of work, her co-workers said she is active in mission work through organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

“It’s like she’s kind of the glue that holds us all together. You can talk to her about everything. Even if you have something at home, you can talk to her. She’s a special person and she keeps the boat going,” said John Hathcote.

“She’s just a role model for everyone. She’ll jump in if anyone is sick and do whatever. I’ll be sad to see her go. She’s the ultimate employee and when you look at somebody who goes above and beyond, she’s the epitome,” said Robert Plunkett. “Her knowledge is hard to replace. She’s the best.”

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