AMORY – The Merle Norman brand name has been a fixture for female customers for many years. Hope Simmons purchased a local franchise in 2016, which led to the opening of her store, Willow at Merle Norman.

Willow’s core business of Merle Norman cosmetics features skin care products and makeup for foundation, eyes and face.

“My mission to serve the local ladies’ fashion market with cosmetics has had opportunities to grow with the years,” she said.

Inventory added at Willow included children’s clothing and shoes when a previous merchant of children’s clothing closed her shop. Children’s shoes and clothes include brand names such as Outwoods and Livie & Luca.

“We have added lines of jewelry, accessories and clothing for ladies as well,” Simmons said.

Jewelry brands include Mariana, Skosh and Lumiela personalized necklaces. Lines of ladies’ clothing include Mono B, Willow and Habitat and Cello denim wear.

A recently added line of accessories is ladies’ leather handbags by Espresso in various textures and shades – all at hometown prices.

Willow also offers a line of gifts featuring candles from Swan Creek Candle Company and Dough Bowls. Swan Creek candles are made by a family-owned company using 100 percent American soybean wax. Dough Bowl candles are also made of soybean wax that has been poured into small hand-carved wooden bowls.

Mud Pie Gifts also offers a unique line of gifts suitable for children and adults alike.

The store currently occupies two spaces at its current location and is looking to expand to a larger location elsewhere in Amory in the future.

“It’s in the works,” Simmons said.

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