ABERDEEN – With movie theaters undergoing shutdowns throughout much of the pandemic, people have been missing the moviegoing experience. The Church of Christ is helping fill that void Sept. 12 with a drive-in movie-style screening of the 1998 animated Disney film, “Mulan.”

“We wanted to find a way to bring the community and the church together in a safe environment, especially families who are looking for ways to get out of the house and ways to get away from school. They’ve been wanting to get together with their church families and friends but they haven’t been able to do it, so we thought let’s do a way of getting people together while maintaining that bubble so to speak. Everyone can come and see people they may not have seen and communicate through a glass window. If they want to get out, they can put their masks on, set up a chair and spread six feet apart,” said pastor Jonathan Hagar.

Saturday’s movie begins at 8 p.m. People are welcomed to bring their own snacks, and the plan for the future includes serving popcorn and soft drinks. Hagar said the drive-in movies could be a monthly occasion.

“We hope to eventually have car games where people can honk their horns for different things that happen in the movie and things like that. It’ll give people a chance to be more interactive as the process goes on. Right now, this is a dry run to see how people are interested in it, but we will plan on building onto it as interest grows,” he said.

There will be speakers set up for those who want to watch the movie while sitting outside of their vehicles, and the audio will also be broadcast through an FM station that will be listed on the screen before “Mulan” begins.

As far as Saturday’s movie, it was selected after a church poll was taken following nominations.

“I think people have rekindled their interest in that movie because of the new one coming out. With Disney coming out with a new live action version, people are saying, ‘Well, let’s watch the original first and watch the new one,’” Hagar said.

The Aberdeen Church of Christ is located at 424 N. Frontage Rd.

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