A Volkswagen Bug near the intersection of Commerce and Matubba streets is one of two placed downtown last week. Aberdeen Main Street is ‘driving the train’ to push a volunteer effort for people to maintain sections of Commerce Street.

ABERDEEN – Even though Aberdeen Main Street Director Ann Tackett has used the phrase, “We’re going to drive the train,” for a while now in reference to the entity, she’s putting a plan into motion.

She mapped out sections alongside Commerce Street, including boulevards, property frontages and pocket parks, people can adopt and maintain from Chestnut Street to Matubba Street.

“We’re going to edge. We’re going to trim those shoots from underneath the magnolia trees and crepe myrtles,” Tackett said.

Last week, she planned to roll out the Drive the Train campaign during a meeting at the Main Street Depot, but it had already received public buy-in. Additionally, she has received a commitment to clean and maintain the entranceway to Odd Fellows East cemetery.

Aberdeen Main Street has mowing and yard equipment available for volunteers, who are asked to maintain their sections on a regular basis.

“I’ve got the tools and I’ve got the gas. Whenever you want to do it, you do it,” Tackett said.

In addition to the Drive the Train effort, Aberdeen Main Street received two Volkswagen Bugs for near the intersections of Chestnut and Matubba streets alongside Commerce Street.

“Angie Irvin, Barbara Rowe and Gail Dalrymple will be the ring leaders for those. I’m going to line baskets [for the cars] with landscape fabric and potting soil, and we’re putting potato vines, wandering Jew and lantana in there. Come fall, we’re going to put pumpkins in there,” she said.

Both Bugs have a theme.

Supporting local businesses

Aberdeen Main Street will host its Support Local Showcase April 22 at 6 p.m., which will spotlight smaller business owners such as local caterers and crafters.

“It helps our merchants that help our town,” said Tackett, adding she was approaching boutiques about a potential fashion show.

The raffle winner of the Aberdeen Piece by Peace Community Quilt will be chosen during the event.

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