Tony Stahl of Aberdeen has used his background in ministry to inform local church congregations of the Cross of Monroe County project and he is welcoming more invitations from across the county.  

ABERDEEN – With a background ranging from youth ministry in Fulton to online ministry direct to Africa, Tony Stahl’s background in the word is diverse. More recently, he has been spreading the word of the Cross of Monroe County project at local churches.

He connected with co-organizer Evelyn Thompson through a Facebook post about unity and churches working together towards the cross project.

“I think I commented, ‘This almost sounds unachievable. I’m in.’ I know God has called me for several different things for ministry in life. It was a clear calling. When I read over that and saw that, it was a calling,” Stahl said.

He has since spoken to congregations represented by different races and denominations in Monroe County and extends the offer to discuss the project to any other churches interested in hosting him.

“I want people to nobody there’s someone who can speak about the cross accurately with facts and accurately with scripture,” Stahl said. “I have no intentions of theology. I have no intentions of speaking man’s doctrine. I have none of that on my mind.

“I think we have a choice of unity or division over the cross. This is a spiritual and physical cross that’s there. The choice is, ‘Are we going to be a part of the body?’”

He said the Cross of Monroe County will be a place for revival, a place to unify and a place to be utilized by any church.

He added the cross will be a place to provide for needs such as abuse and suicide hotlines, food, free Bibles, resources about shelter and reflection.

“The idea is to bring the unity in the body of Christ, really cleansing the division in the county through peace. When I say division, I say meeting the needs of the widows and the divisions in meeting the needs of the food,” Stahl said, adding local churches can be stronger by working together towards the same goals. “Right now, a lot of churches don’t have much of anything. They’ve exhausted a lot of stuff through the pandemic. Some churches have all kinds of stuff and don’t know how to move it.”

He said the cross is something all churches can agree upon.

“The cross is not to be an idol. Just as we have a revival, it’s just another place. At the same time, I know the spirit is going to be right there for everything and everybody,” Stahl said.

In addition to holding bachelor’s degrees in urban and intercultural missions and preaching/teaching the Bible, Stahl serves as chaplain for the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department and does a one-on-one ministry at the Monroe County Detention Center.

Any church interested in hosting him to speak about the cross project can reach him at 436-6063.

Donations for the Cross of Monroe County are currently being accepted through the CREATE Foundation and can be mailed to CREATE Foundation, P.O. Box 1053, Tupelo, MS 38802. Donations should be earmarked for the Cross of Monroe County.

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