Participants of last year’s cancer walk in Aberdeen make their way down James Street. This year’s walk begins at City Hall and continues to the front yard of Frank and Linda Record where people will tie ribbons on a windmill to honor those touched by cancer.

ABERDEEN – A walk beginning at 8 a.m. Oct. 26 on the steps of City Hall will help round out Breast Cancer Awareness Month while driving home the message that all cancers matter.

The annual walk, organized by squamous cell carcinoma and ovarian cancer survivor Linda Record, will proceed up Commerce Street to James Street and onto her yard where people will hang ribbons of different colors representing types of cancer on her windmill.

“Cancer doesn’t favor age, weight, race, size or any of those things,” she said. “This walk is something we can do no matter what cancer is represented, just come so we can be united.”

Record also organizes quarterly citywide cleanup events and she said the annual cancer awareness walk is building up momentum each time, just like the cleanups.

For Saturday’s walk, there will be prizes, including a Prayer Bear knitted with multiple colors representing colors of various cancers. Participants will also receive All Cancers Matter bracelets.

Record’s sister, Tuffy Mobley, is currently battling cancer.

“Me and some of my family members will be walking for Tuffy, who can’t walk with us. I gave her a bracelet and told her to wear it, so she can be with us,” Record said. “I think being a two-time cancer survivor, knowing my sister can’t be there affects me.”

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