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ABERDEEN - The Evans Memorial Library will hold its regular monthly booklunch at noon on Oct. 16. The featured guest is John Hailman who has served as a courtroom lawyer for 40 years, most of them as a federal prosecutor.

Hailman is presently an adjunct professor at the University of Mississippi School of Law. His first book, "Thomas Jefferson On Wine," was a critically acclaimed biography of our third president. His latest book, "From Midnight to Guntown: A Prosecutor in the Land of Faulkner and Elvis," will be the topic of his presentation.

As a federal prosecutor, Hailman worked with federal agents, lawyers, judges and criminals of every stripe. In "Midnight to Guntown...," he describes amazing trials and bad guy antics from the humorous to the tragic. He recounts tales of scam artists, protected witnesses, scam artists, over-the-top investigators, bad guys with funny nicknames and even corrupt officials. In a recent interview, Hailman stated that he likes all these strange characters.

"I like helping the victims and I don't mind saying I liked punishing the guilty. I never got too tied up in winning and losing," Hailman said.

Syndicated columnist of the New Orleans Times Picayune, Bill Minor, wrote about Hailman.

"Drawing on his 40 years as a courtroom lawyer, John Hailman delivers a boatload of fascinating stories, all true, producing a real page-turner of a memoir which reads like a novel. John Hailman is the toughest federal prosecutor ever to hit the state of Mississippi."

This interesting attorney was an aid to U.S. Senator John Stennis and when the senator was shot by a robber in Washington, D.C., got an early taste of criminal justice when he served as Stennis' liaison with the police and FBI.

The public is invited to attend the October booklunch and hear John Hailman. A box lunch will be available for $6.

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