Allegra Parker and Sandra Colburn deep-fried hundreds of apple fritters at Bethel Apostolic Church’s Fritter Fix Weekend April 30 and May 1 at the church. More than 700 deliveries were made, in addition to curbside service to long lines of cars both days.

AMORY – Bethel Apostolic Church’s apple fritters are one of the signature attractions to the Amory Railroad Festival every spring. The church hosted its own Fritter Fix Weekend on April 30 and May 1 since the festival is postponed until next year.

Amory and surrounding communities converged en masses on the campus of the church, waiting in long lines to purchase the tasty treats that were served to them curbside.

Pastor Stanley Blaylock said more than 700 bags of fritters were delivered to local schools, the hospital, doctors’ offices and businesses during the first day alone.

Volunteers from the church and staff members from Bethel’s Friend of God ministry collaborated to make a successful weekend, even without the Railroad Festival.

Bethel began to chart the apple fritters’ widespread reputation a few years ago.

“Our Fritters Across America map was started about five years ago. We had to start a new one in 2019 because the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee had so many little red apple stickers. We had asked that our patrons would place a sticker on the map to represent their home state. We had stickers from Maine to Florida, California to Virginia, Minnesota to Louisiana and even Alaska and Hawaii,” Blaylock said.

By the end of 2018, Bethel logged patrons from all but three states. The fame of the fritters has literally spread internationally through missionaries supported by the church.

“Ukraine, Germany, Scotland, England, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico and Belize are ones that I can recall,” he said.

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