The Rev. Denvil Clark, right, leads Joe Lee Howard Jr., Verdie Clark, Jobi Ford and Charlie Metcalf in a stretching exercise at the High Street Community Center. Not pictured is Vera Willis.

ABERDEEN – Every Monday from 6 to 7 p.m., people have the opportunity to be active at the High Street Community Center through Clark’s Boot Camp. The free workout class is free and open to people of all ages.

“We don’t criticize what other people do and we don’t use music to get your mind to where you need to be,” said the Rev. Denvil Clark, who leads the workouts. “I tell people to push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Nobody laughs at anyone here. Our philosophy is something is better than nothing. This guy could do 300 jumping jacks, and somebody else could do 10, but you’re still getting something done.”

Participants can join the class at any point, and exercises include stretches, sit-ups, calf lifts, squats, planks and running. Some of the exercise routines are designed to help people lose weight.

Clark has a military background, and workout styles from his training come out in the workouts he leads. He and his wife, Verdie, started the class more than 20 years ago.

“People say, ‘I’ve worked eight hours, and I’ve been active,’ but that’s different. I challenge people to look at my age and how long I’ve been doing it, and I’m still active. If you want to stay active, you have to be active,” Clark said. “We had one lady who got a check up, and her doctor said whatever she’s doing, keep doing it because at her age, every little bit does help.”

The workout classes typically have a small number of attendees, which helps with everyone getting to know one another. Sometimes in the past, classes have been bigger and have had to be broken into two sections.

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