Coach Calhoun exercises with Aberdeen Elementary School students during his visit to the school.

ABERDEEN – Being physical gets not only the body moving but also the brain. That’s the reason why each school day Aberdeen Elementary School students watch an exercise-centered “Move to Learn” video. They recently got a little more into their exercises when the video series’ host, Coach Larry Calhoun, led them in physical fitness.

“We’re excited to get Coach Calhoun here in Aberdeen,” said AES Principal Kristen Fondren. “The students watch him every day and like to do it. It starts their day.”

Provided by the Bower Foundation, “Move to Learn” is a series of 51 five-minute videos encouraging health. They’re available at In addition to exercise techniques, Calhoun shared a little of his personal background growing up, which included poverty and a dysfunctional family, and why teachers are important.

“Teachers like you made me study until I learned to study. Some of you teachers get here early and leave late. On your worst day, you may be a child’s best hope. You do it with heart,” he said.

Calhoun, who is also a published author and women’s college basketball referee, travels the state with “Move to Learn.”

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