ABERDEEN – For more than 20 years, a garden next to the Monroe County Extension Service has provided for both curb appeal and countless hours of training time for 4-H and Master Gardeners participants.

It was recently leveled as part of construction for the new strip center near the intersection of Highways 8 and 145.

“It was an agreement from years ago when [former agent] Stacy Brown was here. This land was owned by someone else at the time; it was just a verbal agreement. Times change and lands sell, and they’ve got other plans for it,” said Monroe County Extension Service Agent Randall Nevins.

Monroe County Master Gardeners, along with members of the public, scoured the garden to salvage shrubs and flowers and accent pieces such as a picnic table, trellises and a bird bath ahead of the start of dirt work for the new development.

Extension is in the process of trying to acquire a greenhouse in the parking lot and hopes to ultimately find a place for a permanent garden spot for educational purposes.

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