Contemporary Christian artist Carman will perform a free show at Healing Waters Christian Fellowship in Aberdeen Friday.

ABERDEEN – With 10 million records sold, 40 years performing on the national Christian music scene and writing and acting credits to his name, Carman will add a first to entertainment resume – a tour stop in Aberdeen.

He will perform a free show July 10 at Healing Waters Christian Fellowship, located at 522 Hwy. 145 N. He will perform other shows this weekend in Moss Point and Tupelo. Carman’s management reached out to Healing Waters’ pastor to ask if the church would be interested in hosting a performance.

“When they called me, I thought it was a hoax at first. They said, ‘We picked Aberdeen and we picked your church. We noticed you are a woman and a pastor, and women can get things done,’” said Healing Waters’ Pastor Brenda Harrison, adding his manager is a Mississippi native.

Since his 1980 debut, Carman has 15 albums that have reached Gold or Platinum status. He was recognized by Billboard Magazine as its first Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year and he held Charisma Magazine’s Readers’ Choice title of Favorite Male Vocalist of the Year between 1987 and 1989.

His record, “Champion,” remained on Billboard’s sales charts for 168 weeks, and he holds the world record for largest solo Christian concert with 80,000 attendees, making him the only stadium act in the genre.

Carman has written songs for movies such as “The Prince of Egypt” and “Jesus Camp” and he has been a Dove Award winner and Grammy Award nominee.

Aside from being a musician, he has acted and been a screenwriter for movies and been a television talk show host.

More than just a concert

Harrison and her husband moved back to Mississippi recently from the West Coast and were led to start the mission church.

“They always look at the Assembly [of God] because that’s where he was raised. He said they chose Aberdeen. Either God put that in their heart because nobody told them,” she said of Carman. “There’s Vibrant, one of our churches in Columbus. There’s one in Amory that’s pretty good size, but they chose ours – the one that’s trying to build,” Harrison said.

She sees the Carman concert as an opportunity to bridge denominational gaps throughout Aberdeen. Concert attendees will be given cards asking what religious denomination they were raised in or their religious preference.

“Were you raised Baptist? Were you raised Methodist? We’re trying to reach all of our churches in Aberdeen. Anyone who puts religious preference, we’re going to meet with pastors once this is done and give them the card of people who gave their hearts to the Lord, and it is your place then to not let them fall through the cracks at your church. It’s your place to give them the foundation,” Harrison said. “For your religious preference, we want the doors to open and lives to be changed and churches to benefit,” she said.

Harrison said local businesses and entities have been supportive of the show.

“Why Aberdeen? Only God knows. It’s His timing, and He’s a God of time. He put this together. I’ve stood in awe and I’ve been excited in my spirit,” Harrison said. “We are a community and when we stand in unity, only great things can happen.”

The free show begins at 7 p.m., and doors open at 6 p.m.

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