Cosmetologist Sandra Gosa started her own business in Hamilton after working for others in Hamilton and Aberdeen. After 46 years in practice, she is retiring.

HAMILTON – During the first runs of “Charlie’s Angels” and “Friends,” girls wanted to look like Farrah Fawcett and Jennifer Anniston. The same could be said with guys after George Clooney landed his breakout role on “ER.”

Cosmetologist Sandra Gosa, who has been licensed for 46 years, has helped people achieve those looks, along with variations of others throughout the years.

“They like to follow trends and things they see on movies and now on the internet,” said Gosa, whose last day cutting and styling hair will be June 26. “A lot of styles have come back again. It’s like when clothes fashions change, your hair style has to change to go along with it. I’ve had perm styles and even mullets; I had a lot of those in the ‘80s. I’ve had the perms and the curls, then we all went straight for a little while, but now some of the curls and body are coming back. What’s old to me is new to the younger generation.”

She knew when she was 12 she wanted to go into the trade.

Gosa owned her own business, Professional Touch, for 36 years. In 2017, she sold it to her former employee, Laken Bean, who changed the name to Scissors Edge by Laken and took on Gosa as a part-time cosmetologist.

Even though salons and barbershops are sources for local information, Gosa never wanted her business to be a gossip shop, so conversation was steered more towards recipes and community activities such as Hamilton Appreciation Day, band fundraisers and football season.

Three clients she can name off the top of her head have been loyal customers for the entire 36 years, and she’s now cutting the third generation of some families.

“Some of my clients have been like family. I’ve enjoyed every year of it, but it’s time to do something else in this next chapter of life,” Gosa said. “I want all my clients to know that I appreciate their business through the years. Although I won’t be in the shop, we can still be in touch because it is a small community, and we’re all active in sports, church activities and helping each other. That’s what we’ve always been known for in Hamilton.”

For her retirement years, she plans to tend to her flower garden, go camping with her husband and spend more time with family.

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