Loden a two-time cancer survivor

Alice Ortiz

By Alice Ortiz

Monroe Journal

BIGBEE – Faye Loden went for a mammogram in September 2011, and a mass was found in her right breast. Dr. Woody Brand had removed a knot in her breast in 1993, but it was not malignant. She talked to Dr. Woody Brand, and the next week surgery was scheduled.

“Someone asked me if I was going to have both breasts removed. I told her ‘no,’ and she told me she wished she had because it often came back in the other breast,” said Loden. “Monday afternoon another lady called me about the same thing. 

“I went to Tupelo to get some house shoes and called the doctor’s office, but he was not in. I wanted to tell him I wanted both breasts removed.”

Loden said the pre-op nurses at the hospital handed her the sweetest encouraging note when she was being prepared for surgery.

“I had both breasts removed, and I am proud I did. I have had my regular checkups since, and have had no problems,” Loden said. “I was dismissed in 2014, and will celebrate four years of cancer free this October. I have never regretted the decision for a double mastectomy.”

Loden was also diagnosed in 1997 with colon cancer. She didn’t have to have any treatment for that either.

“We were on vacation, and I passed blood. I had seen a little occasionally. I told a friend, and she told me I needed to see a doctor when I got home. I made an appointment, had a stool test, and the results said I needed a colonoscopy,” she said. “I was told I had to have surgery. They didn’t know at that time if it was cancer or not. They told me to get a good night’s rest. They removed 12 inches of my colon.”

Loden said she had not had any symptoms, but was tired all the time. She was working at Amory Garment and would be so tired she was just able to go home.

She also had a mass on her kidney in 2008 and had a half kidney removed. They were 95 percent sure it was cancer, but it wasn’t.

“I won’t have to have another endoscopy until 2017, but I encourage everyone to get regular colonoscopies,” Loden said. 

Loden and some of her friends also make turbans for cancer survivors.

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