ABERDEEN – A Pontotoc church is bringing its ministry to the Monroe County Courthouse Sept. 21 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Prayer on the Square. Bethel M.B. Church Pastor Tony Cooperwood said he was inspired three years ago to visit different communities and lead the service.

“The Lord placed it on my heart. We need to turn back to God, and the center of people’s lives is at the courthouse. He put it on my heart to have a full-blown church service,” he said.

During the past two months, Bethel hosted similar services in Fulton and New Albany.

Pastors, ministers, congregations, worship leaders, choirs and individuals will lead the service, and anyone local is welcome to join in with hymns, testimony and sermons.

“It’s an open mic. We come and set up, and whoever wants to pray, preach or sing is welcome to do it,” Cooperwood said.

He said the service is catered to the particular area it’s held.

“We pray for the city, local, state and national leadership and ask God to be in that particular area,” he said. “Looking at the news, you see different problems in different areas, and the Lord said come to Monroe County and pray.

“We’ll allow the Lord to use us, and the citizens and any government official who wants to say anything to the citizens can.”

Cooperwood said all the communities that have hosted the service for the past three years have been very welcoming.

The Monroe County Courthouse is located alongside Chestnut Street.

For more information about participating, call 509-9924 or (404) 551-7339.

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