NETTLETON – Each night last week, members of the community came together for old-fashioned outdoor services under a tent adjacent to New Vision Worship Center through Nettleton’s citywide revival.

Mayor Mem Riley was happy to see the event, which was sidelined for the last few years due to various circumstances, come together this year. The citywide revival was last held at the Nettleton High School football field a few years ago.

“It’s all about getting the community together. We’re not promoting one faith over another. If the people are united, then an outsider can’t come around to stir up discord,” he said.

The citywide revival led up to Nettleton’s Town Creek Festival, and Riley estimated the attendance to be 80 to 100 people each night.

Fellow Nettleton pastor Jack Inmon, who preached the first night’s sermon, underscored Riley’s mission for the meetings.

“I could sense a unity in the body. The Spirit was there that united the people. It’s vitally important and it’s a win-win for the whole community,” Inmon said.

The Rev. Johnny Jointer was among the rotation of speakers during the series of meetings, admonishing the crowd to be ready to cope with the trials of the last days.

“Will you be able to stand?” he asked the audience.

Aside from the seriousness of his message, he felt that the initiative was a great tool to get people together as a community.

“I love the fellowship,” he said.

Musical talent for every service was matched up with the speaker and church represented each night, thanks to the efforts of Jessie Gillentine.

“I wanted as many people to be involved as possible, although a few declined. I hope we can do this every year,” he said.

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