People will have the opportunity to learn lessons including those about plants, vegetables and turf in a different way through this year’s Master Gardener program. Usually held in-person, this year’s course will be offered strictly online.

“People will have a better opportunity to do it at their own pace. They can do it from their home computer and they can report and do tests from home,” said Monroe County Extension Service Agent Randall Nevins.

The program’s courses include introduction, botany, soils, urban trees, honeybee care, propagation, Insects I and II, diseases, ornamentals, turfgrass, vegetables, weeds, fruits and nuts, Master Gardeners as educators and reporting.

While the program will be offered from May 1 until June 30, the last day to register is April 15 through Registration and payment are both strictly online.

The fee to become a Master Gardener is $125, while a home gardening course without Master Gardener certification is $200. With Master Gardener certification, there is a required commitment of volunteer hours.

“The Master Gardeners option has 40-plus hours of instruction, and individuals are required to do 40 hours of volunteer training in return,” Nevins said.

People have the option to take individual courses for $25 each. Each course is taught by subject experts through the Mississippi State Extension Service.

Monroe County currently has 10 to 12 active Master Gardeners.

For more information, call the Monroe County Extension Service at 369-8684.

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