While 2020 has posed challenges to so many career sets, musicians have not been immune. With concerts cancelled, many artists have resorted to streaming virtual shows through their social media accounts. Along with the lack of touring comes the lack of as many new music releases.

Seeking Seven, however, couldn’t wait any longer to release its newest EP, “What Few Remain Vol. 2,” a six-track album completely reworked from its original concept.

The Monroe County rock band will have a CD release party Dec. 18 at VFW Post #4490 just outside of Aberdeen with special guests Killjay, Via Novus and Caging Elliot.

“From a worldwide perspective, you have a lot of artists with a quarantine record in their back pockets. All of our favorite artists can’t do anything and they’ve used this time to keep themselves busy. They’re utilized this free time to go to the studios, but the thing is you’re not seeing anything released. The reason is you can’t tour it. History has told us if you don’t tour a record, you’re not going to sell it,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Robbie Ross.

The band is also comprised of Jake Andrews on drums, Shane Ivey on bass and Blade Reynolds on guitar

Doors to the CD release party open at 6 p.m., with music beginning at 8 p.m. Admission is $10.

“We’re going to pretend everything is normal. We’re going to go ahead and do a party and if only five or 10 people are there per the state requirements, then we’re going to go virtual. We’ll throw an online tip bucket up and hopefully get a response,” Ross said.

“What Few Remain Vol. 2” is the band’s fourth studio album, and it was originally intended to include tracks from previous recording sessions for the two-part album.

“I had Volume 2 already ready to go. Right after I put out my quarantine videos of cover songs, I sat down at my kitchen table and was planning out another set of quarantine videos and whoops, I accidentally wrote a song. The next thing I knew, I wrote three more right behind it. We got together as a band and hashed out another song and sat down on a following weekend and wrote two more,” Ross said.

The band decided to scrap the original tracks to showcase how it has progressed.

“This is the best stuff we’ve put out to date,” he said. “We have really showed up in the practice room with our game faces on. I think we all want to take it to the next level. We just really want to be the best we can be.”

Bands Ross has listened to for years such as Weezer and Foo Fighters that are still releasing new music inspires him to continue putting out new music as they’re continuing to be creative and innovative.

“With this new album, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever written. I was brave enough to get very personal. It opened up a whole new style of writing for me. I didn’t want to put them on the shelf and say, ‘Okay, I recorded these; it was fun.’ I really want to push them out there and see if people can connect with them,” he said.

Elements linked to this unique year played into some inspiration for the songwriting.

“I think we’re all living in dark times, and we all have to deal with failure in some sense and find a way to keep on moving or establishing setting goals and being grateful for what we have. That’s the thing encouraged in this album,” he said. “I wouldn’t say it’s a COVID album and my soapbox about the times we’re in. It was just about the mood I’m in, and the mood I’m in is probably because of the times we’re living in.”

As far as looking forward to 2021 and hopefully normalcy for the music industry, Seeking Seven resolves to find a way to push “What Few Remain Vol. 2” to a broader audience outside of its fanbase throughout the Midsouth.

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